Thursday, June 5, 2008


Xenoestrogen Overload by Donna Roth BA BEd MH 250 764 2852 May/06

Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman out of 8 up from 1 out of 30 in 1960.

In 1995 American Cancer society concluded a 13 year study of 240 000 menopausal women using HRT to discover a 40% higher incidence of ovarian cancer. After using HRT for 11 years the incidence rose to 70%.

In 1998 Physicians Desk Reference discovered that HRT actually leads to an indirect decrease in bone formation.

50 % to 80 % of American women suffer from hot flashes. Japanese women don’t even have a term for hot flashes.

Lancet – Human sperm count has dropped by 50%over the past 30 years.

In Puerto Rico a study found hormone blood concentrations were 13 000 to 22 000 times higher than those normally found in blood.

In menopause estrogen drops by 40% , progesterone drops by 90% the ideal ratio of progesterone to estrogen should be 200 to 1.

The levels of estrogen in males are too high and testosterone is too low. Increasing number of young boys are reporting the development of female characteristics with delayed development of male characteristics.

600 000 to 1 000 000 Am women have hysterectomies every year. 90% are unnecessary. In Canada 62 000 hysterectomies are performed each year. One in every 1000 hysterectomies die. Many suffer from nerve damage, hemorrhage, bowel or bladder injuries.

The average person eats fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed 75 times a year with illegal pesticides.

In the past 100 years several hundred million pounds of pesticides have been released into our environment.

Sperm count dropped from 113 m /ml in 1940 to 66m/ml in 1990

The Problem is Xenoestrogens

Xeno means foreign, foreign estrogens, free radicals. They make things grow – breasts, hips, bellies, tumors, cysts, cancers.

We eat estrogens for lunch.
Meat raised on steroids and antibiotics have xenoestrogens. It takes 60 lb of feed laden with growth hormones to produce 1 lb of edible beef. 25 m lb of antibiotics are fed to livestock each year

We breathe in estrogens.
Deodorizers, vehicle exhaust, perfumes,

We rub estrogens into our skin.
Lotions, cosmetics, soaps, nail polish,

We wash in estrogens.
Soaps, detergents

We spray with estrogens.
Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, lawn fertilizers, household cleaners

What can we do?

Eliminate as many xenoestrogens from your environment as possible.
Nature Sunshine Natria Skin Care offers lotions, shampoos, conditioners,
Nature’s Concentrate, a household soap for cleaning and washing clothes.

Use only organic fruits and vegetables .

Buy only hormone free meats.

Replace xenoestrogens with phytoestrogens.
Spinach, lettuces, beans, fruits, Nature Sunshine SynerProtein powder, NSP phytoestrogen blend C-X, Black Cohosh

Xenoestrogens are excreted in the stools so add 11 to 13 grams of fiber to your diet as in LoClo or Psyllium Hulls or Nature’s Gold
Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
Evening Primrose Oil or Flax Seed Oil

The importance of raw proteins
The stomach produces enzymes to break down proteins into amino acids.
One crucial amino acid is LYSINE If it is not present the other amino acids cannot be converted to usable forms required by the liver. The body needs proteins to make hair, skin, nails, muscles, and all its tissues. Proteins are also needed to make enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. The proteins need to be in a raw form as heating kills the enzymes and deactivates the LYSINE. Raw proteins are found in:
SynerProtein powder, Bee Pollen, Spirulina
Nature’s Gold – raw germinated barley seed
Raw seeds- sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax, hemp

Cleanse the liver.
Use LIV- C to cleanse the liver. The liver processes the amino acids to make hormones and to help to cleanse xenoestrogens,

Progesterone – Wild Yam and Chaste
Progesterone is a hormone that is part of the developmental chain for the production of complete and balanced hormones. It is the main factor in the creation of other hormones.
-precursor to estrogen and testosterone
-maintains healthy uterine lining
maintains a healthy gestation cycle
-natural diuretic
-uses fats for energy
-natural depressant
-helps thyroid action
-normalizes blood clotting
-normalizes zinc and copper levels
-restores proper O2 levels
-has a thermogenic effect
-protects against endometrial and breast cancer
-builds bones
- precursor of cortisone
Nature Sunshine ‘s Wild Yam and Chaste is progesterone precursor

Testosterone – Korean Ginseng