Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mental Clarity

Feeling Sick for Years - Teeth

Laury had used herbs for 14 years and still things were not right for her. She just felt there was lack of clarity. “You’re there and you’re not there” Then there were bouts of hot tempers and short fuses. Then one day she hit rock bottom and called Donna Roth. Within a few questions it was discovered that Laury’s tongue was light peached and fuzzy and that she had worn a partial metal plate for 24 years. Laury knew herbs kept her emotions and health in check but why couldn’t she get better. Donna recommended that Laury see a dentist. The dentist discovered that 9 teeth were very unhealthy. Laury’s first thought was “my health or my teeth” Her decision was clear- extract the teeth and replace the metal plate in her mouth. The dentist extracted all 9 teeth and to Laury’s horror the stench from the rotten teeth was overwhelming. Shortly thereafter Laury’s sinuses released and drained profusely. She came home and said “I can smell and I can see!!!” Everything was bright and beautiful. She then began taking Cats Claw 4- 3 times a day, Liquid Chlorophyll and water and Essential Liquid Minerals. Today her statement is , “I have my life back”