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Newletter Nov/Dec 2009

Newsletter November 2009
From the Desk of Donna Roth. Merry Christmas 2009
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2009 is now coming near its end and so I take this opportunity to acknowledge all of you in Nature’s Sunshine. You truly are amazing and incredible human beings. You take a strong stand for the health of your own bodies despite the pressured propaganda daily pouring out through various media to vaccinate your bodies with toxic, viral laden ingredients. You have delved into your own hearts and your own minds to choose otherwise and to take herbs instead. It is visibly clear that members in our society have unknowingly fallen into agreement with Big Pharma and it is you, Nature Sunshine distributors, that strive powerfully each day through your love for others to shift that paradigm, to enlighten others to the simple truth of “you feed your body, you heal your body”. Your daily kind and simple acts of showing the way to health to those who are maimed, those who are afflicted, and those who are disease laden are not easily forgotten. Your small acts touch hearts, save lives and inspire others to an unstoppable movement of limitless healing possibilities. I am brought to mind the story of Marie, who in January 2006 riddled with cancer in the lungs and pleura is given a death sentence and sent home from the hospital in a wheel chair and an oxygen mask to die. Her family willingly spends $3000 a month on various “alternative cancer cures” to try to save her life. Perhaps these remedies sustain the life of Marie but it isn’t until her son brings home , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth, that things dramatically change for Marie . With the kind good deeds and educational instruction of Nature’s Sunshine distributor ,Lorene Benoit, and Marie’s willingness to diligently follow the Donna Roth Paw Paw program today Marie lives to passionately relate her story to the many searching others who are seeking answers to cancer.You as Nature’s Sunshine distributors , have created a new found freedom, freedom from disease and this freedom is transforming the lives of the people in the world in which you live. You have formulated a new burning passion within you, a passion to tell the world that cancer can be healed, that infections need no antibiotics, that diabetes can be reversed, that obesity can be overcome, and all this through simple, humble herbs given to us by God. I express my deepest gratitude to you, my incredible Nature’s Sunshine Distributors, for your immeasurable undertaking and together may we continue to work with strength, with courage and with tenacity to bring an end to the world of suffering and death by disease.

Success Stories
Migraine Headache; One lady suffered with migraine headaches to the point that she would have to stay in bed for 3 to 4 days at a time. She eliminated sugar and wheat from her diet and started taking 4 LIV-A per day until the bottle was gone. She has not had a headache since.
Rash on Elbow. This rash was totally cleared up with Golden Salve.
Diabetes and Weight Loss; Renee takes Zambroza-3 oz a day to keep her energy up while working double shifts. She is also off the sugar and almost off all carbohydrates. Renee also takes Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic everyday and through following this program she has been able to reduce her diabetes medication (Metformin) from 3 a day to 1 a day. She is excited to report that she has also lost 30 pounds. For weight issues Renee uses Fat Grabbers-3 a day and Collatrim – 8 at bedtime. She feels great and has discovered that when she takes carbohydrates she feels tired. Collatrim is also so great for the skin and people have asked her if she has had a face lift.
Cancer in the Jaw. One lady with cancer in her jaw had a radiation treatment and found she could not eat for 2 days. She took high doses of Cat’s Claw, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Liquid Chlorophyll. She also sprayed Silver Shield into her mouth and she brushed her teeth with Silver Gel. Within 2 days her mouth sores disappeared and she could eat again. She also noticed the swelling in her mouth subsided.
Black Mole; One person had a black mole on one side of the face. Pat told her to saturate a cotton ball with Silver Shield and to apply it to the mole twice a day and leave it in place with a band aid. This lady also took 2 tablespoons of Silver Shield a day. Within 6 days the entire mole fell off.
Sore eyes; One lady with very sore eyes took Vitamin E/ Selenium and put drops of Silver Shield into her eyes several times a day. Within 3 days her eyes healed.
Bladder Infection: A bad case of bladder infection was cleared up within 7 days using Silver Shield, Cats Claw, Pau d’Arco and Cornsilk.
Stomach Pain; Silver Shield ,2 times a day, cleared up a bad case of stomach pains within 2 days.
Tearing Eyes; Silver Shield drops directly into the eyes along with 2 tsps of Silver Shield taken internally stopped annoying tearing of the eyes.
A Dog with A Tumour; One loving elderly dog was diagnosed with a tumour on the spleen. Exploratory surgery would cost $1400. Here is what Pat , the owner ,did. She changed the wet food diet to dry food and she gave the dog 3 tablespoons of Silver Shield in the morning and 3 tablespoons of Silver Shield in the evening along with 1tablespoon of Natures Gold Barley morning and night. Within a few days the dog’s energy came back and he was his old normal self again.
Lung Problem; One lady scanned by Zyto Technology was told to take Echinacea and Golden Seal , Mineral Chi Tonic, HS-C and Calcium. She followed this program along with foods that contained no sugars or grains. Within 5 days she coughed up lots of phlegm. At this point she took a deep breath and discovered she could breathe really deeply, something she had not been able to do for years. She never thought she had a lung problem. “The Zyto is so accurate “she reports.
Mono ; One very sick lady was diagnosed with mononucleosis and she was prescribed loads of antibiotics by her doctor but her kind friend gave he information on Silver Shield and this lady decided to take Silver Shield – 3 tsp- 3 times a day. Within 3 days all symptoms cleared up and she was able to go back to work. She ended up using 2 bottles of Silver Shield which she now calls, “Liquid Gold”.
“In this time of toxic forced vaccinations I want to be a powerful person who will stand for my health fearlessly and enrol others to do likewise lovingly. And together we will break the chains of false agreements. “
“Be unreasonable! Work out of your comfort zone. Make a lasting difference in the lives of others!
Feeling Sick for Years ; Laury had used herbs for 14 years and still things were not right for her. She just felt there was lack of clarity. “You’re there and you’re not there” Then there were bouts of hot tempers and short fuses. Then one day she hit rock bottom and called Donna Roth. Within a few questions it was discovered that Laury’s tongue was light peached and fuzzy and that she had worn a partial metal plate for 24 years. Laury knew herbs kept her emotions and health in check but why couldn’t she get better. Donna recommended that Laury see a dentist. The dentist discovered that 9 teeth were very unhealthy. Laury’s first thought was “my health or my teeth” Her decision was clear- extract the teeth and replace the metal plate in her mouth. The dentist extracted all 9 teeth and to Laury’s horror the stench from the rotten teeth was overwhelming. Shortly thereafter Laury’s sinuses released and drained profusely. She came home and said “I can smell and I can see!!!” Everything was bright and beautiful. She then began taking Cats Claw 4- 3 times a day, Liquid Chlorophyll and water and Essential Liquid Minerals. Today her statement is , “I have my life back”
Depression; One lady suffered from deep depression and terrible insomnia. Night would come and she would close her eyes and then she would be hearing things that were not there and seeing things that were not there. The more she wanted to sleep the more she was not able to. It seemed the brain would open up and she would become very anxious. Then she would say her prayers to fall asleep and the more she thought about sleeping the worse it got. Then she would start crying and become totally exhausted. Even during the day she could not close her eyes to fall asleep. Exhaustion led to passing out “I could not stand on my own two feet.” Finally she went to the doctor who prescribed five different kinds of medications and even intramuscular injections of medications. The doctor diagnosed her as manic depressive and told her she would never get off medications. Two summers ago in 2007 she slowly weaned off of her medication and started a program of Stress Formula- 4 a day; Master G Formula – 6 a day; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – 4 oz per day. She reduced her intake of wheat and sugar. Within 6 weeks she noticed a huge difference. Her energy came back, she started to sleep and the depression was gone. “I felt I had won the lottery.”
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