Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Tea for Cancer

Green tea halts cancer
tumour development in
its tracks
According to a leading authority
in the field of cancer research, tea
leaves—particularly green tea—are
an “extremely rich source of anticancer
molecules, called catechins,
polyphenols which can represent
up to one-third of the leaves’
Green tea, according to Dr. Richard
Beliveau, stops cancer tumour
development in it’s tracks: “One
of the main effects of green tea’s
catechins is that they prevent the
microtumours we spontaneously
develop during our life from creating
a new network of blood vessels
essential to their growth.”
Without the ability to develop
blood vessels (a process known as
angiogenesis), cancer cells cannot
acquire enough oxygen and nutrients
to grow and spread.
The amount of catechins found in
just one cup of green tea, according
to Dr. Richard’s research, is
enough to block the process of angiogenesis
and starve cancer cells
of nutrients.
Have you had your green tea
Source: Beliveau, Dr. Richard, Sip
Your Way To Health, Toronto Sun,
Monday, April 14, 2008, pg 40.