Sunday, April 25, 2010

Magnesium for Heart and Diabetes

Magnesium helps
prevent type II diabetes,
heart disease
In an analysis of seven large scale
studies, Swedish researchers found
a “significant” link between magnesium
intake and diabetes. The
research team found that diabetes
risk dropped by 15% for every 100
mg increase in magnesium intake.
Many people are deficient in
magnesium, which may, in part,
account for the high incidence of
diabetes and heart-related problems
associated with low magnesium.
High stress, menstruation, high
intake of starches, alcohol, diuretics,
antibiotics and other prescription
drugs can all increase urinary
excretion of magnesium.
Previous research has already
shown that magnesium helps the
heart muscles relax, reduces blood
pressure, and helps control homocysteine,
and C-reactive protein
levels (all heart disease risk factors).
Magnesium researcher, Dr.
Mildred Seelig, M.D., MPH, puts
it bluntly: “Magnesium is the real
key to treating metabolic syndrome
X and heart disease risk factors.”
Experts recommend people
receive 500 mg of magnesium per