Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silver Guard : A Report by Dr. Pedersen

Silver Guard
Dr. Pedersen recently reported that silver in the form of colloids or ions stick to fats and that their
long term use would cause the skin to turn blue. Nature's Sunshine Silver is structured as part of the water
molecule . It will not fall out of solution and it will not stick to fats and it does not make the skin turn blue.
Silver Gel helps to heal wounds and ulcers and it destrys harmful bacteria, fungus and yeast. Holding about
2 tsp of Silver in the mouth for 6 minutes helps ot clear up any infections, abseccesses or ulcers. Silver also
helps to stimulate stem cell production.
Dr. Pedersen's Silver completely eliminates the malaria parasite within 5 days as reported in a study in India.