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From the Desk Of Donna Roth Feb/13 250 764 2852

From the Desk Of Donna Roth Feb/13    250 764 2852

This is 2013 with an evident shift in thinking . All kinds of marvelous avenues are opening up as many search for health answers, answers to cancer , to heart disease, to diabetes and so on. The most obvious answer is being ignored and that is nutrition. Without nutrition your body simply cannot heal. And yet we question “What is nutrition?” In the work that I do I have discovered some profound solutions to the nutrition question and more so these solutions are all very well documented with sound scientific research. This year here in Kelowna, we will be honored to have a passionate speaker, Dr. Jerry McLaughlin , past professor from Purdue University , has done over 20 years of research for over 3500 plants , one of which is called Paw Paw . He will be presenting his published scientific evidence on Paw Paw and its incredible effects on cancer. This event  takes place on:

 Friday June 7 /13 in Kelowna 6:30 pm

Saturday , June 8 /13 in Vernon 10:00 am

Pre registration is required as seating is limited. 250 764 2852

The cost $10 per person if it is prepaid. At the door cost is $20/


Every Monday  at 5:45 pm Pacific time is  the Paw Paw Teleconference call.

Dr Jerry McLaughlin is the guest speaker on the teleconference call on

Monday, March 18 /13 at 5:45 pm

 Dial 1 760 569 7676     Access code 972723#


We urge you to attend our regular monthly meeting events with

 Dr. Dale Forsythe and Donna Roth:

At Perkins Restaurant

Tuesday , March 12 at 6 pm

Tuesday April 16 at 6 pm

Tuesday , May 14 at 6 pm

 Preregistration is a must as our attendance has hit 70. 250 764 2852


Are you interested in having a personal  health coach and taking action for your health ?

Then the TAFYH project is for you. You are assigned a team.  Each day you and your team attend 15 minute teleconference call with Donna Roth. Each session includes accountability reports, a short health lesson, and your commitments for the day. The actions you are required to take are directed, simple and effortless. Each lesson gives you a profound understanding of  health issues such as leaky gut, candida, injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation , stress. Your results are measured using a Body Systems Questionnaire.

The cost for the 7 week project is $150 with additional costs for essential nutrients.  Results are eye opening and profound. The next session starts in April. 250 764 2852


New Product Cure-Q-Min

In Feb./13 I took the time to attend a very informative webinar given by Steven Horne on the topic of curcumin. Curcumin is an extract of turmeric which is a bright yellow spice used by the cultures of India in their specialty curry dishes. NSP Cure-Q-Min capsules contain 400 mg of curcuminoids 95% extracted from turmeric roots with a unique patented composition ratio.

This particular product has 61 clinical trials to evidence its powerful properties and beneficial effects on pain, inflammation, heart disease, Alzheimer’s , cancer , arthritis, herpes,ulcers, eye and liver health. It has been shown to be anti-inflammatory ,anti viral, antithrombotic, ant mutagenic, antioxidant, antihistaminic . The recommended dosage is 400mg to 600mg 3 times a day.

-stimulates gallbladder to produce bile to inhibit gall stones

-in Germany it is a medicine used for digestive disorders

-stops blood clot formation and keeps blood flowing freely

-it reduces risk of heart disease and stroke by 78%

- reduces muscle injury

-increases glutathione levels to detox heavy metals, and chemicals and cancer causing toxins

-it is as effective as steroids in inhibiting pain in arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

- studies proved it improved cartilage and functionality in arthritis after 8 weeks of use

- studies show that  with fish oil it inhibits plaque formation where beta blockers were not necessary

-studies show it to have eliminated ulcers in 19 out of 25 patients within 12 weeks of use

-studies in Maryland Medical showed it to ease dyspepsia stomach ailments

-it inhibits arachidonic acids from harmful Omega 6 oils and lowers chronic inflammation

-it protects against neurotoxicity

-studies show that it heals the brain after strokes

-it slows brain aging and prevents plaque build up linked to Alzheimer’s

- studies showed it reduces Alzheimer’s and shrinks plaque

-it has been shown to induce apoptosis in cancer cell destruction

-it arrests the Herpes Simplex virus

-it reduces oxidative damage to the eyes as shown in a study in 1999 in India

More of the Great 1000 Success Stories


#122 Wart

One young man has a problem with a wart on his thumb. He reduced sugar and grain intake and applied Silver Gel on the thumb twice a day for 3 months. One day the wart just fell off.

Congested Lung Condition

Garry ended up with a severe congested lung condition whre he had spells of severe coughing to the point that he could not lie down because of the coughing spells.. The congestion just would not break up. The doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia and sent him home with a prescription of antibiotics. Garry was very reluctant to take antibiotics and instead turned to a herbal program. Mineral Chi Tonic 4 oz a day, Cat’s Claw Combination 4 capsules 4 times a day along with lots of water and Chlorophyll. Within 8 days there still was no signs of relief and this is when Garry called Donna Roth to ask for that much needed thread of faith. It appeared to Garry that this program was not working. “ I guarantee that this program will work for you ! Just give it a few more days.”  Garry agreed to continue even though he was almost at the point of panic. His only choice was the antibiotics which he was afraid to take because of his past history of cancer. Finally in the 12th day the energy suddenly came back and the congestion broke up and the cough stopped. Garry was back to his old self again. It worked! Just as Donna said it would.

“ Minerals with their positive and negative electrical charges are responsible for every electrochemical reaction in the body from muscle contraction to the firing of nerotransmittors in the brain.”

#123 Relaxing Sleep by Phyll

Collatrim Plus at night with hot water will relax you and give you a good night’s sleep.

“I will express the worthiness of other people.”


#124 Severe Heart Palpitations by Carol

Carol had terrible scary heart palpitations and she could not get to sleep. Something had to be done. Doctors could provide no answers .She understood that the adrenals were exhausted and starving and that the cortisol production by the adrenals were too high . She then started to take 6 to 9 tablets of MC for the heart, 18 Kelp , 1 CoQ10, 2 Stress Formula and 2 Mg a day. Within a day or two she was able to sleep. “Kelp is high in iodine and it made me feel warm.”

#125 Injury to the Rotator Cuff

One lady had a bad injury to the rotator cuff hwere she could not stretch her hand and her shoulder movement was inhibited. There was pain every time she tried her golf swing. Her program included eliminating grains, sugars, and taking Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day , Collatrim Plus 3 scoops a day and Solstic Energy. Within 2 weeks there was a big improvement. The pain was gone.






#126 High Fever and Flu

M had a high fever with lots of coughing , coughing up green stuff. She was very sick and weak and no energy. She took Cat’s Claw 4 capsules 3 times a day and Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T every 3 hours. She started this program on Sunday and by Thursday everything broke up, the energy returned and she was off and bouncing again. “The program makes a huge difference.”


#127 Ulcers of the Stomach

One lady kept getting weaker and weaker and no one could understand why. She became so wek that she could not even get up to get a glass of water. Upon a visit to the doctor she was quite surprised to discover that the doctor had diagnosed her with 4 ulcers in the stomach . There was no indigestion, no stomach pain, no heart burn. Her trusted friend , Phyll, suggested that she read “Fighting Chance” by Dr Pederson . Within a short time she started taking 1 tsp of Silver Guard in her water 6 times a day. The next time she visited the doctor he clearly indicated that the ulcers were all healing up nicely. The energy began to be restored.


#128 Flu and Achy Bones

Linda knew she had a bout fo the flu when one day she woke up to a fever, achy bones, and sore muscles. She had in the past attended many herbal lectures given by Donna Roth and she knew the importance of keeping a bottle of Cat’s Claw combination in her house for that time when she would need it. Well , here was that day so she took out the Cat’s Claw and used 3 twice a day and in 4 days the flu symptoms were all gone.


#129 Blood Pressure

I was concerned about his blood pressure and he experienced slight headaches. “ I could just tell that it wasn’t right.” About 3 weeks after eliminating all grains and taking Mineral Chi Tonic and MC the blood pressure came down from 15/90 to 130/80.


#130 Infection

K ended up with an infection on which he applied Silver Gel and it cleared up overnight.


#131 Bike Accident
L ended up with a bike accident and tore her skin quite badly. She applied Silver Gel to the affected area along with Silver Guard spray and it healed up very quickly without scars.







 #132 Mildred’s Breast Cancer Story

Mildred believed in cancer prevention and of course mammograms were created to detect any suspicious markings that may be lurking in the breast. Therefore at age 49 when having a physical exam, her doctor encouraged her to have one done. The result was good. As a result of having that mammogram done, the Ontario Breast Screening Clinic keeps your name on file, and will schedule you again every 2 years. At age 51, Mildred had another mammogram but the results were not as good. They asked her to come back and have another one along with an ultrasound because they could not get a clear picture. She was told not to worry, many women have to repeat. The outcome this time was that calcifications were present in her left breast and she would have to have a biopsy. In November 2011 the procedure was done. December 17th, 2011, the result came back that she had cancer in the duct called DCIS. They told her it was early stage cancer and probably would not require treatments but was necessary to do surgery to remove the lump. On April 3, 2011 she had lumpectomy surgery. About 2 weeks after surgery she had a return appointment to see her doctor who did the surgery and was told she had to probably have some form of treatment and was referred to see a specialist who would explain about chemo and radiation. This was a big surprise for her. She was told that her tumor size was .25cm, which was small but the problem facing her now was that the lump they removed at the lab showed the HER 2 gene was 3+  positive and she was estrogen dominance. That meant her body was over producing estrogen. They also said that they were very surprised to find that a tumor that small would be estrogen dominance. She was recommended to have chemo, radiation, and 5 years of anti-hormone drugs, and they would need a decision within 2 months. The radiologist told her that radiation was a must in order for the surgery to be successful, and that before he could do radiation he needed the lymph node checked and was upset that they did not do it when they removed the lump. She had enough and walked away without any treatments. She started the Paw Paw Program with guidance from Joan, a trusted herbal consultant. Mildred would make 2 delicious shakes a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Flax Ligans, Aloe Vera, Solistic Nutrition, Green Zone, Nature’s Gold 1. Then she would take Protease Plus and Colostrum on an empty stomach and Paw Paw capsules about 12 a day with meals. She cut out all sugars, grains, legumes and milk. At first the Paw Paw made her nauseated, so she slowly cut back. This helped the nausea settle down. There were some episodes of diarrhea, metal taste in her mouth, and dizziness but was reassured by Joan that her body was getting rid of toxins and to hang in there and soon she would be feeling good. Praise the Lord, she did. Today it is January 2013, and Mildred states “I strongly feel the cancer is gone otherwise I would not have all this energy and feel so good”. There is one thing Mildred learned from her experience. It gave her the desire to let people know they can take control of their own bodies and with the proper nutrition we can heal ourselves. The Paw Paw Program did that for her.



Minimum Candida Program


1 hour before each meal take the 2 pack (enzymes) on an empty stomach.

40 minutes later or 20 minutes before the meal take the 6 pack (yeast killers)

Take 8 “Probiotic 11" or “Biffidophilus Flora Force” before bedtime.

Eat the Candida diet.

Continue the program for at least 6 weeks or 3 boxes of “Candida Clear”.

To put it another way.

If a person eats breakfast at 8:00 am.

Lunch at 12:00 Noon

And dinner at 6:00 pm.


Set a cell phone or other alarm for 7:00 am -- take the 2 pack

set the alarm for 7:40 am -- take the 6 pack

Eat at 8:00 am


Set alarm for 11:00 am -- take 2 pack

set alarm for 11:40 am -- take 6 pack

Eat lunch at noon.


Set alarm for 5:00 pm -- take 2 pack

set alarm for 5:40 pm -- take 6 pack

Eat at 6:00 pm


Take all 8 probiotics right at bedtime.