Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Success Story by Grant on Cancer Improvement

My Success Story

Before I started my TAFYH program, I was suffering from depression sorness of joint, foggy brain and extreme energy loss. This was all caused by two cancer operation, hernia and eight rounds of chemo therapy over past four years.
I’m very happy that I have gotten the chance to meet Donna Roth that day at the mineral store, she gave me new light on how to heal myself and to have a better life.
From the day, I started my TAFYH program, I went into it with an open mind looking for success. For over past few years trying different treatments that didn’t work at all for me.
Pain level in my body has dropped from eight to almost too a comfortable level every day, weight loss so far is about thirty pounds moving my waste size from a 48 to a 44 and breathing a lot easier everyday. I think biggest improvement is in my motion of arms and legs I never could get my arms over head, had a hard time walking long distance now I can move my arms an leg with greater easy in all directions walking farther then I have in many months with less stops for rest. Regarding my BSQ score has dropped from a high of 113 to a low of 58 as of today, with total point loss of 55 during the program. My body temp stays between 36.9 a 37 on average after I started eating proper protein in my meals.
One other thing my blood pressure has dropped down to a very low good pressure that I have not experience for a long time.
Over all I find my life style has change a lot to the better, I am trying more and more wanting to fit into every day life an not wanting to stay at home as much now. All I can say is that my journey in life has gotten better and only one way to go on fixing my health problems and creating a better life.