Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Success Story; Kim

I came into the TAFYH program with a parasitic and mold infection and aluminum toxicity that I had been suffering with for about 6 weeks. The symptoms that I experienced were hives, weight gain, irritability and fatigue.
The hives were driving me crazy and I had trouble sleeping due to the constant itching. Although I was taking some NS products to kill the parasites I knew I needed to treat my  body as a whole, that there were other issues that need to be looked after.
The TAFYH program couldn’t have come at a better time!
The Body Systems Questionnaire showed me that my immune, glandular and reproductive systems were in fact being compromised and needed some nutritional help.
The holistic approach to healing the body from the program and Natures Sunshine products were just what my body needed now.
I followed the system to a tee doing the bowel and liver cleanse, two kidney flushes, eating the right foods, ionic breathing, exercising and taking my supplements daily. It took about 4 weeks before I started to feel better and my BSQ went from 47 to 22 during that time.
Raising the body temperature has been my biggest challenge and I will continue to work on the deficient fire element until I reach the optimal 98.6 degrees.
My BSQ is now 9, I have lost 10 pounds and the itching has all but gone away!
Every day in Every Way I am getting better and better!
I am feeling great and very grateful!
Thank you!