Monday, October 28, 2019

Roscea Migraines, Irritability

 Roscacea, Migraines, Irritability by Brenda 

Brenda regrets that she is unable to attend the call this evening. In 1999 life was difficult for Brenda. She could not sleep, Her insides stopped working. She suffered from intense migraine headaches.  She was irritable and her face was red hot from Roscea. Her still small voice said,’ Don’t do this anymore. She did not know there was another way and she started searching. She started searching for  possibilities in the alternative world. There was another way besides all the medications she was taking. This is when she heard about Natures Sunshine and this is where Donna Roth came into the picture. Quote Brenda, I knew about alternatives, but I just did not know the answers. I finally bit the bullet and I decided to talk to Donna Roth. In talking to Donna Roth I knew it was right.” Brenda started with Chi Toni , Chlorophyll and Cat’s Claw in high doses. She changed her eating habits and soon thereafter the Roscea disappeared, the migrane headaches subsided and Brenda felt great for the first time in a long time. Quote, “ I gave up my shoe box of medicines. I found the answer. Just recently Brenda had  mercury fillings replaced and is now doing the Oral Chelation program to detoxify the heavy metals in her body.