Monday, October 28, 2019

The Test Revealed Stella was Pregnant

Stella at 37 years old could not get pregnant. The gynecologist informed her that her fallopian tubes were blocked. Stella had her tubes flushed several times but that did not seem to work. The tubes continued to block up. She was told she could never get pregnant. IVF was suggested to her but the cost was too high. She was left thinking there was no other option except adoption. Then her sister. Debra told her about a possible herbal solution. Stella really did not believe it but was desperate enough to give it a try. That’s where Donna Roth came into the picture. A consultation with Donna Roth took place and Stella was ready for this new way of living. The first thing Stella had to do was to change her lifestyle and this she did begrudgingly. Then she took Cat’s Claw. Mineral Chi Tonic and MC. She followed the program for 2 months. Then one day she felt nausea, bloated, tired, the breasts were tender. Stella felt that she was coming down with the flu and this flu just did not go away. She was ticked off and she quickly sent Donna Roth an email expressing her intense displeasure. The herbs were making her sick. They were making her fat. They interfered with her menstrual cycle and there was no period. The email was sent and off Stella went to see her gynecologist to explain her dilemma. The gynecologist announcement was not what Stella expected to hear. “ Stella, you are pregnant.” She could not believe it. The gynecologist could not believe it. The family doctors could not believe it. Knowing her history none of these doctors believed it. But it was true. The pregnancy was confirmed. And 9 months later Stella gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy.