Monday, August 17, 2020

Newsletter August 17/20


Get the word out!

There is an answer to your health quest!

Stop poisoning your systems!

There is another way!

Attend these calls until you “get it!”

You are invited to attend our community family picnic on Saturday, August 29/20 from 10 to 2.

Speakers include:

Ted Kuntz: President of Vaccine Choice Canada

Gary Fong: Radiation frequencies

David Lindsay: Common Law and Critical Thinking

Donna Roth: The Germ Theory Dismantled by the Laws of Nature

Please send me an email if you happen to be in the Kelowna area and would like to attend.

I will provide all the details for you.


Diane was diagnosed with MS about 30 years ago bound to a wheelchair.

She discovered the Laws of Nature, took on her health and overcame MS without medical intervention.

And get this one!

After years of being out of her wheelchair, MRI tests showed that her MS had progressed!

That’s when Diane made a decision. She walked away.

How many of us become stuck in “medical tests” and the “doctor diagnosis”?

We automatically accept these enemies of darkness as truth

Our minds become stupor.

We become prey to Goliath.

We succumb our power to the giant!

Yet we fail to see that the simple action in overcoming Goliath is just to walk away!

I think of the many heroes who were at one time diagnosed with the “no hope diseases”,

They also walked away. They discovered the Laws of Nature. They took responsibility.

They applied the Laws of Nature. They were empowered. They overcame their health challenges.

They are my heroes and I only list a few that come to mind at the moment: Sheena, Terry, Gail, Bob, Bachtiar, Ralph, Peter, Paddy, Judy, Shauna, Bee, Werner, Grant, Gloria, Myles and there are so many others on

 Hi Donna,

Had a real surprise recently.

I believe in herbal therapy and recognize the healing and positivities in my body and as I go along I hope that this remains the truth.  This is especially true

when the ‘world’ claims that ‘it just isn’t so’.

I had another Echocardiogram recently and imagine my surprise when the doctor told me the results.  My left ventricle which was enlarged had gone back to normal.  (What?) AND, the heart blood flow was back to normal.

Yep!  Paint me happy!  You don’t expect it and it happens!

Which goes to show, you really should expect it!

I’ve been taking Hawthorn and  CoQ10 consistently.  Also I take Cats Claw Combination for the inflammation that my heart meds cause.

I’m not quite sure how to completely get off of the meds, but through this and muscle testing, I have cut the meds back more than by one half with my Family Doctor’s approval.  I am actually surprised to find a doctor who approves herbs and muscle testing.  If I say to him that I’ve muscle tested Ramipril and need to cut it back 10 mg, he says, “okay” and that’s it.

I’ve passed your name on to a number of people who are struggling with different aspects of their health.  Am always hearing good things about you.

The next thing I need to beat is the meds destroying my adrenal glands.  I get very exhausted a lot and have found that NS Vitamins and minerals and the Ci-Tonic Minerals help some.

Hope your family is well and you’re having a great summer!




What is TAFYH?

             TAFYH is 20 minutes a day via teleconference call

             It is a course of guided action for your health.

             Each day you receive a 5-minute lesson that is sent to you.

             You measure your progress using a Body Systems Questionnaire.

             You work with a team of 6 people.

             Each TAFYH session is led by an expert leader.

             You receive individualized instruction.

             All your questions are always answered.

             TAFYH addresses the 5-pillar formula: Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation

             Elimination, Infection, Circulation

             You are empowered to take responsibility through daily commitments and accountability

             TAFYH is outside the box thinking.

             TAFYH is exceedingly more powerful than any medicine!

             TAFYH is backed by science and follows the Laws of Nature

             You will get results after 8 weeks of TAFYH!

             TAFYH will be with you for a lifetime.

             TAFYH is for everyone seeking HEALTH!