Monday, August 17, 2020

Penny's Email re; Heart Disease


Hi Donna,

Had a real surprise recently.

I believe in herbal therapy and recognize the healing and positivities in my body and as I go along I hope that this remains the truth.  This is especially true

when the ‘world’ claims that ‘it just isn’t so’.

I had another Echocardiogram recently and imagine my surprise when the doctor told me the results.  My left ventricle which was enlarged had gone back to normal.  (What?) AND, the heart blood flow was back to normal.

Yep!  Paint me happy!  You don’t expect it and it happens!

Which goes to show, you really should expect it!

I’ve been taking Hawthorn and  CoQ10 consistently.  Also I take Cats Claw Combination for the inflammation that my heart meds cause.

I’m not quite sure how to completely get off of the meds, but through this and muscle testing, I have cut the meds back more than by one half with my Family Doctor’s approval.  I am actually surprised to find a doctor who approves herbs and muscle testing.  If I say to him that I’ve muscle tested Ramipril and need to cut it back 10 mg, he says, “okay” and that’s it.

I’ve passed your name on to a number of people who are struggling with different aspects of their health.  Am always hearing good things about you.

The next thing I need to beat is the meds destroying my adrenal glands.  I get very exhausted a lot and have found that NS Vitamins and minerals and the Ci-Tonic Minerals help some.

Hope your family is well and you’re having a great summer!