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From the Desk of Donna Roth July 4/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth  July 4/21

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What about credentials??

What you need to know about Rejuvenaid.

Cancer Facts You Need to Know!!

Peter’s Prostate Cancer!!

What does one doctor recommend for prostate cancer?

The Protocol for Prostate Cancer.

Flax Hull Lignans; Why I recommend it.

Words of Wisdom from Carol

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Men are slightly more likely

than women of developing cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of

premature death in Canada


What are her credentials?

One day a young woman walked into my office with her sick Dad who had been diagnosed with cancer. For those that do not know my office is my living space. It is filled with pictures of my family, wall quilts, and plants and of course my desk. This woman observed this space and asked where my certificates were and what my credentials are. Of course, I knew she was referring to academic credentials. I have all kinds of certificates, but I choose not to clutter my walls with them. Now I pursued my consultation with her father teaching him about the poisons that were causing his inflammation and blocking oxygen and nutrient flow to his prostate area. I told him about the important of eating the right foods and drinking the smoothies twice a day to raise his body temperature. I taught him how to do the One Day Kidney Flush to clean out the prostate area. I showed him how to use herbs like Cat’s Claw to open up his lymphatic system to drain the poisons and Paw Paw to clean out the fungus. We talked about cleaning the blood of heavy metals using MC. His daughter did not hear a word I said. She was focused on ‘No Certificates on The Wall!” and in her world I was a fraud. The father was very involved in my conversation on how to solve his prostate cancer. As you can see there was a conflict. The daughter was adamant that I had no credentials and that meant I was not qualified to give any solutions to her dad’s cancer even though her Dad wanted to do the program. Her overbearing “you have no choice here, dad” attitude crushed the entire consultation. I could see that she was ready to argue about money as well. I am not about people’s money. I do this work because I understand the Laws of Nature for your health, Money is not my first priority. Money is important and I need to make money as you all do but I do not do this work to rob you of your money. At this point I simply stood back and the conversation stopped. I wanted her to know I am not about anybody’s money. Her Dad wanted to buy the supplements, but I was not about to make that decision for him. They walked out of my office without any supplements and without even paying for the consultation with the end conclusion that a certificate on the wall was essential to the cancer program I offered.

So this concept of credentials has popped up on my life several times so I want to address it.

Recently a naturopathic doctor with certificates on his wall tried to coerce a client into taking the CoVid shot. The client walked away. Did his credentials and his certificate give this naturopathic doctor wisdom? A certificate on the wall means you have taken the required courses, you have been given knowledge and knowledge is always questionable depending on who is funding the universities. A certificate gives you knowledge but it does not give you wisdom.

Do I need credentials, a certificate on the wall  to tell others to stop eating junk food? No! Lots of people are saying exactly the same thing.

Did my great grandfather and great grandmother need credentials to pioneer the farm that my father was raised on.  No! They never attended any college or university, and I am not even sure how much schooling they really had. Where did they learn their incredible skills of breaking the land, raising animals, growing the garden, raising crops. They learned it from their parents and so on down the line. These skills were then passed on to my father who continued to farm. These people had wisdom and  deep respect for their land that provided food for them and for their children.

I had an uncle who was a shoemaker. Did my great uncle need credentials to be a shoemaker and to repair shoes for people? Where did he learn his skills and wisdom ? He studied from a shoemaker who taught him.

What are my credentials? The certificates are part of my credentials. I have learned a lot from great teachers in the past; Carol Nilsson, Steven Horne, Jeanne Burgess, Laurence Smith, Dr Pederson, but my greatest wisdom came from the thousands of clients I have worked with. I opened my mind, I  listened and they have taught me. I never would have learned about inflammation, and all those poisons that cause inflammation without my intent listening to them. Its my clients, the people I have worked with that I give credit to. No university, no college teaches you what I have learned from real people! They are the ones who carry the wisdom.

Cancer: Peter: Prostate Success Story Jan. 2012

Peter first went to see his doctor in November of 2010 as he had a concern with high blood sugar and needed to ask for some advice as to how to bring down has blood sugar levels. The doctor prescribed a drug to lower the blood sugar levels and also recommended a PSA test as a precautionary step to prostate cancer prevention. Peter, upon having the PSA test completed, discovered that his PSA was on the high side at 5.3. The doctor was suspicious and sent Peter to have a biopsy tests on his prostate at the cancer clinic. The 12 samples of biopsies taken indicated that 3 of the tests showed positive cancers. Surgery was immediately scheduled. However, Peter did not feel comfortable with surgery and thereby refused.  Peter started the Paw Paw program in December of 2010.  He stopped eating grains and sugar, fruit juices, alcohol, and he drank smoothies every day with Chi Mineral Tonic and Flax Hull Lignans and Solstic Energy. He took Paw Paw  and Cat’s Claw and MC. Here are the PSA tests as reported by Peter:

November 2010 PSA 5.3 Biopsies indicate 3 out of 12 samples cancerous

December 2010 started the Paw Paw program. He eliminated all sugars, grains, legumes, milk and alcohol

January 2011 PSA  4.75

April 2011 PSA 3.5

July 2011 PSA 3.8

Peter is now off the blood sugar drugs

January 2012 PSA is 3.3

Normal PSA is 1.0 to 3.5 Peter’s tests show that he is in the normal range of PSA . Peter is elated.

What did I learn from Peter and his experience? It was interesting to note that as Peter’s blood was cleaned up and his sugar levels dropped his PSA tests dropped accordingly. Once again, these tests confirm the correlation between PSA and blood sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. This fact was documented scientifically by Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 when in a laboratory setting he discovered that when oxygen levels drop below 35 %, oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place and if there is enough sugar in that area then oxidation flips to fermentation and that is when fungal infections become active. This is the first stage of cancer.

With another prostate cancer client sugar was not the problem. This is also a long story. But in short this man’s PSA tests shot up to 5000 or some other high ridiculous number. It was my job to find out what it was that spiked this man’s PST levels. It was a tetanus shot! Stay away from the CoVid shot as well.

Prostate Cancer - Dr Shealy

Now the greatest news about Quercetin itself.  It is especially powerful in reducing the symptoms of chronic prostatitis—a problem affecting all too many men.  Quercetin has shown also to be helpful in many forms of cancer, but especially in prostate cancer.

Effective immediately, I am revising my recommendations for all men over 50:

             Saw palmetto, 160 mg, double strength extract, 4 daily.  With ANY prostate symptoms, increase gradually up to 12 daily if needed to control symptoms or PSA.  Incidentally, an excellent urologist told me recently that the so-called upper limit of 4 for PSA is ONLY for men up to age 40!  By 50 years of age, it can be 5 and by 70’s, 6!  No need to worry about a PSA not above 6 at 70+ years of age and asymptomatic! He says most urologists use the non-age “normative” of 4 because they make much more money doing biopsies! BEWARE!

             Nettles, 500 mg 2 daily and increase to 4 if any symptoms

             Quercetin, 500 mg. 2 daily.  Increase to 4 with symptoms

             Calcium-D-Glucarate, 500 mg twice daily with any symptoms or PSA above 4

So now here is a solid program for prostate health, kidney health, bladder health

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day

Flax Lignans to sop up xenoestrogens 2 scoops a day.

Rejuvenaid 1 stick twice a day. I now recommend it as I have discovered that it is a nitric oxide generator that scientifically has the ability to bind those spike proteins that you my be getting from someone who has had that CoVid  shot. The spike proteins throw your whole electrical RAAS system out of balance so the blood clots when it is not supposed to, the heart functions abnormally, the blood flow is disrupted and so we hear of migraine headaches, strokes, blood clots, heart attacks,

Men’s Formula 3 tablets a day will give you 624 mg Saw Palmetto, 15 mg of Zinc, 504 mg of Gingko Biloba for circulation. Take 3 tablets 3 times a day.

HistaBlock with  Quercetin and Nettles , bitter orange bromelain . It is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral,. It is great for problems of the kidneys, prostate and lungs because it moves the fluids, and the mucous. Histablock is available from Nature’s Sunshine. To reach the required dose as suggested by Dr Shealy 5 capsules a day are required.

For prostate issues I also recommend the One Day Kidney Flush. With the heat we are experiencing everybody should be taking K, Hydrangea and drinking Chlorophyll and water.