Monday, July 5, 2021




 Before I was into herbal healing naturally, I got 6 root canals done – 3 pairs: 2 bottom left,

2 top front teeth, 2 bottom right, and all mercury fillings in my mouth.  Over many years, I had several panic attacks and heart palpitations often throughout my life. I got tested many times and was told it was just stress related.  I never related it to the root canals.

 In 2014, I took Donna’s TAFYH course – an excellent course – which taught me how to clean out my body of toxins. I did many cleanses - kidney, liver, and bowel cleanses, and took all the necessary supplements & smoothies. I was also having joint pains and much overall discomfort,which I then realized was my liver which was overwhelmed and needed detoxing. After Donna’scourse I was able to lose the 25-30 lbs I was never able to lose after 40 yrs old by cutting outgluten, sugar & dairy from my diet. I also had no more joint pains and felt better overall.

 Donna often mentioned about removing root canals from your mouth, but I thought mine were fine since they were not hurting me then.  But in 2016, my left bottom 2 root canals started throbbing, and I felt they were infected. I went to the dentist; he X-Rayed them and said they were fine. It took about 2-4 months to finally insist on removing them or I would go somewhere else.. Until then, I was keeping them at bay by taking daily silver guard in my mouth, and lots of cat’s claw, MC and curcumin for the infection. Finally he removed them, and admitted to me that they were indeed very infected when I asked. It took me a while to heal that area with silver & cat’s claw.

I wish I had listened to Donna’s advice earlier!

 Next in 2017, my top 2 front root canals started to throb to my horror, and I knew they were infected again. But I was in denial, and assumed I could get rid of the infection with silver & cat’s claw. It took me over 6 months to go to the dentist & ask him to remove them. He refused saying they looked fine in the X-ray again. When I insisted, he sent me to an oral specialist to get a

panoramic X-Ray of my teeth, and again they said my front teeth were fine.. It cost me #350 for the panoramic & I got nothing. They refused to take them out. Meanwhile, I was getting severe pains in my right knee joint which was increasing – my whole right meridian side (where the teeth were) was starting to ache – pains in my right elbow, big toe on my right foot, and knee.. At the medical center, the doctor told me I had a cyst in my right knee, and they may have to operate.. I could hardly walk by then without heavy limping and pain shooting down my right leg. I had to sit down every few minutes whenever I walked. In 2018-19, I had all my mercury fillings gradually changed. I was getting desperate, and finally again I told my dentist to remove them or I would go somewhere else to have it done.  It took over 6 months, and by then it was Oct 2018. He agreed to remove them only if I was to take an impression for a partial denture for my top teeth to cover the space in front. I agreed and ordered a non-metal denture asap. I waited another 2 weeks for it to be ready, and finally on Nov 30, 2018, I got my 2 front root canal teeth removed. He had me sign a non-responsible release paper not to be liable for the removal. Again he admitted the teeth were infected. I felt a huge pressure being released. I continued to take silver, cat’s claw, MC, curcumin, nutritious smoothies, and started on the Paw-Paw program since my right meridian side was still very painful. It took another 6-8 months with the program & doing weekly kidney flushes to heal and completely get rid of the cyst in my right knee and leg.  I now realize that you need to remove the source of the inflammation to heal properly.

Now my latest story is my last set of root canals – again bottom right side were starting to be sensitive all of last year.. My right ear was starting to block often, and now my right elbow joint was getting more & more painful. Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t go to the dentist until this year, Finally, 2 weeks ago, I had the bottom 2 teeth on right removed. He did not argue with me this time, but I had to sign release papers again. Immediately, I felt my right ear unblock and both my ears felt clearer. Now I am working on my right elbow joint with weekly kidney flushes & Paw-Paw again for next 3 mths. I am grateful for all the health knowledge Donna teaches people to help your body heal naturally.