Wednesday, September 15, 2021




A/ Activate: Exercise; mountain hiking, lake, and ocean swimming, bicycling or stationary bike, elliptical trainer, weights, gardening, yard work, firewood. Ionic breathing.

B/ Build: eat the right amount of the right foods: land and sea vegetables, hemp hearts, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, berries, apples, plain grass-fed yoghurt, good oils, and clean protein (meat, fish, eggs, chicken, and plants with protein). Avoid lectin containing grains and legumes, sugar, sweets, starches, processed foods, and chemicals additives. Anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, reduced sodium, reduced oxalate diet. 3-4 litres per day of water. Build the intestinal biome with prebiotic and probiotic intake. Superfood smoothie TBA.

C/ Cleanse: Psyllium hulls, high fibre intake, high fluid intake with lemon water. Declutter environment. I release all guilt, shame, and blame that encumbers.

D/ Direct herbals: Omega 3 oil, borage, or evening primrose oil. Other vitamins and supplements. Consider Oral Chelation program MC, Chi Tonic and Lecithin 5 more months and Para Pak for 20 days.

E/ Express sought after found and realised Gratitude daily: locate and nurture the green shoots of joy and optimism. Respect and care for earth.

F/ Focus on the positives. Allow and accept God’s peace. Build in accountability to others. Reach high. Accept the facts. Practice humility and compassion to all beings including and perhaps, especially self.

G/ Going forward: stay with a health and healing community process including faith and men’s grouping. Complete structural integration series and transformational energy work. By commitment, seek virtue, integrity, sincerity, honesty, honour, and trust. Establish and maintain healthy productive routine that incudes fun, flexibility, availability to others, prayer, and contemplation.

H/ Health as priority number one; with spiritual, physical, emotional, social, financial, ideological, and behavioural congruence.

I/ Deal with inflammation: reduce emotional stress, avoid drive and rush, seek peace and contemplation, avoid overeating, get adequate rest and recovery. Seek to improve and stabilize sleep. Incorporate meditation. Avoid alcohol. Minimize medication. Avoid personal, interactional, and environmental toxicity.