Wednesday, September 15, 2021

My Nutritional Plan – TAFYH class 62


My Nutritional Plan – TAFYH class 62

A – I will continue to activate each day with Cat’s Claw, ionic breathing, walking in the water, walking on the sand – great exercise to build the strength in my legs and massage my feet and sing a happy song while I walk...uplifts my soul. I will walk in the forest among the trees and do my ionic breathing because trees emit so much life force energy and sequester a lot of the environmental toxins that are air borne.

B – I will continue to build my body mind by eating the right foods and having a super smoothie with:

       Red – Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic - substitution

       Yellow – Flax Hull Lignans, Solstic Energy

       White – Collagen

       Blue – water is blue and I use blueberries and Haskap berries.

       Green – Chlorophyll and Green Zone (I love it)

C – I continue to cleanse with psyllium hulls, LBS, water and chlorophyll to help my kidneys flush daily.  I will continue with my supplements to keep my lymphatic fluid flushing and clean, building my structural system and strength in my body and maintaining a healthy immune system.

D – Hepatic – I will continue to use LIV-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin. I will do the 3 day liver flush quarterly.

       Circulatory – I love MC

       Nervous – I use B12 drops, Stress Formula; I will be adding Zerenity for calmness and support for my nervous system.

       Glandular – I use Master G Formula; will be adding Adrenals HS-C because Adrenal Support has been on back order for too long.

       Structural – I will add KB-C

I am using daily herbals Super Omega 3 EPA. Colostrum, Protease Plus and the NS probiotic.

E -  Expressing gratitude to Mother Nature who gives of her bounty so freely everything I need to enjoy and appreciate a healthy body, mind and spirit. I also meditate daily, sometimes as I walk reviewing all the things I am grateful for.  It puts a smile on my face and gladness in my heart.  This is a daily practice for me.

Inflammation: EMF’S, environmental toxins, grains, legumes, candida (ringing in the ears), coffee, sugar, vaccinations, mercury fillings (removed 30 years ago) stress (now feeling more peace and serenity as I continue to eliminate the above toxins from my diet and lifestyle.

Staying in the emotion of gratefulness and appreciation for my life, I sing as I walk and I consciously hum to raise my vibration throughout the day.

I have eliminated grains and legumes from my diet, I am slowly eliminating heavy metals using the Paw Paw program. I have almost let go of the bad sugars and using healthy substitute sweeteners like Monk Fruit powder instead.

Additions to my personal plan: Doing the bowel cleanse quarterly.

Doing the kidney flush at least twice a month.

Doing the liver flush for more than 3 days and quarterly.

Doing the oral chelation/ Ultra Biome DTX heavy metal cleanse once a year at least.

I choose the Fire Element to help with my nervous and glandular systems. Red foods, super food Chinese Mineral Chi. To regulate my body temperature, emotion is hate and joy….focusing on bringing the joy back into my life.