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Advanced TAFYH is a Zoom Call once a week on Thursdays at 10 pm PT for 1 ½ hours.

Words of kindness

About Health and Sciences

Arginine Plus success story

Guest speaker: Maria, TAFYH grad, her amazing health results

The power of being self-reliant in health.

Words of Interest from Carol


One of my clients diagnosed with Lupus said that is all she did every morning, had a shower, shaved her legs, dressed up

and waited in a doctor’s office, had tests, filled her prescriptions. She did that almost every day for 3 years with no results.

The results happened when she came into my office and I taught her about nutrition , how to shop, to have smoothies,

to take Cat’s Claw and LIV-C. Her liver enzymes dropped dramatically within a couple of months and she had her life back.

Noting this example we can start to see what freedom really is. This program did not restrict her life. This program gave her freedom and life.


Natures Sunshine: is a multilevel marketing company. Here is how it works. You have an account #. You are able to share your acct # with others. Tell your friends and family that they can dial customer service and set up an account with Natures Sunshine. Ask for a premium account for 20% discount and free shipping or ask for a Subscribe and Thrive acct with 25% discount and free shipping. This account is like an auto ship acct but you can change your order every month. For those who decide to share Natures Sunshine with others you have an opportunity to earn some money which helps to pay for your own herbs or on a bigger scale you can set up your own business to earn an income.



Thank you so much for your class on muscle testing yesterday.

It was so informative, interesting, insightful, and enjoyable! Plus much more!


Everyone was so delighted, especially me!! I learned so much. 

And Thank You for working with me too!!

That was so special to be reassured I am doing the right things for myself.


You are an Angel, highly intelligent, and very "gifted". That is my word for someone who is definitely on the same wavelength as God, in my opinion. What you do for humanity is so special, and we are indeed blessed to have you in our circle,  or to be in the same group as you.

"Thank you" is so little but know that you are so respected and admired by all of us.

Love, Lillian.


Arginine Plus: My 92 year old aunt left me a message to tell me that using Arginine Plus has helped her eyesight immensely. She takes a scoop of Arginine Plus a day and she has done this for at least one container. It makes nitric oxide and helps to circulate your blood from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. So I can understand why Arginine has helped her with her eyesight.


Dr Davis TIP #4: Even your liver is fat. A low-fat diet CAUSES fatty liver because cutting fat increases carbohydrate intake which, in turn, increases liver de novo lipogenesis, the conversion of carbohydrates to fats that are then deposited in the liver.

In other words, feeding your liver more carbohydrates and less fat encourages the formation of triglycerides, some of which are released into the bloodstream as VLDL (very low-density lipoproteins), the rest of which remain in the liver. Triglycerides are fats, fats are triglycerides. As you eat more “healthy whole grains” and other foods that fit into a low-fat diet, your liver makes more triglycerides and––along with your intestinal tract, pancreas, kidneys, and heart (pericardial fat)––accumulates fat, gets larger, increases markers of liver damage like AST and ALT. Over many years, this can lead to cirrhosis, identical to the disease generated by excessive alcohol consumption.


The disease is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Eliminating carbohydrates and fats is only part of the program when you are dealing with fatty liver disease. I am going to read Judy’s story in overcoming nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

TAFYH broadened my horizons and challenged me to look outside the box.   Doctors are human too and do not have ALL the answers for our health.    I found out that doctors need to be educated about nutrition just as much as we do.  TAFYH gave me the education I needed to make an informed decision about my liver problem.

Almost 8 weeks later after taking supplements , eating the right foods, off grains, sugars and starches have not only  helped my liver but my whole body.


My BSQ numbers dropped from 91 to 22

Urinary -10 to 4

Circulation -7 to 4

Nerves -14 to 2

Glandular -13 to 0

Structural -10 to 6

No more cravings

No more constipation

Chronic pain has subsided significantly.

My blood pressure has dropped to the 120’S.


My last liver blood test indicated that my ALP -protein found in the body tissues ( liver, bile and bones) dropped to 106.  Normal is 105. My ALT ( amount of enzymes in the blood) dropped to 34, normal is 30. When the ALT is up it means that there could be liver damage.  No Hep C was found. I have more energy than I know what to do with. To date have lost 14 lbs.

The program is not a guarantee.  You are the guarantee.  It takes perseverance, dedication, commitment and a willingness to stick to the program.

Through TAFYH Judy discovered why she ended up with liver disease. She was an employee of Interior Health and every year she was required to take the flu shot which she religiously did. Flu shots as all shots are loaded with heavy metals and chemicals and toxic debris. Of course, you can not see the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, sick animal pus that is being injected into your body. You are never given a list of ingredients in these vaccines or a list of side effects or reactions.  You never ask for a list of ingredients either and even if you did, they probably don’t have one to show you or they try to discourage you from even asking for the insert. And of course, you are blindly programmed as I am as we all are to trust the medical establishment that they have your best interest at heart. Perhaps they do but they unknowingly trust it even more than you do because they have been educated deeply in this profession that is funded and run by pharmaceutical companies who actually fund the so-called scientific research that they shove down everyone’s throat that you dare not question.

And so it was in Judy’s case. They said flu shots are required and Judy complied. After a few of those shots the liver started to scream with high liver enzymes and high liver ALP proteins. There was an overload of toxic debris and Judy had no idea where it was coming from until she did the TAFYH course. I am here to say that all of your diagnosed diseases are the result of a toxic overload and a nutritional deficiency. Your body is created to heal but you need to know what action to take and what supplements to use. You also need therapeutic quality supplements. That is why I trust Nature’s Sunshine quality control.


Many of your have asked me about the Health and Sciences meeting that I regularly attend. I am here to say that this is a dedicated hard-working team. Their goal is bringing awareness to the doctors who have been taught to exclusively trust their College of Physicians and Surgeons and shut their ears and eyes to the outside world even though they witness injuries, death and harm that are vaccine related. They are taught that vaccines are safe and effective as per the narrative from their college. Recently this team of which I am a part have been instrumental in distributing the Pfizer document of 32 pages revealing the adverse events of the Pfizer shots and these adverse events include death, Guillain Barre, paralysis hives, myocarditis and the list goes on.

I also have an opportunity to meet some great people, and, in each session, there is always a new visitor. Last week I listened to a wonderful woman from Florida who told us all about her health problems and how she was able to heal her own body with organic foods and herbs. I felt the impression to ask her if she had been taking Synthroid prescription drug. She said no but it so happened that in this crowd was another woman sitting quite close to me who later questioned me about Synthroid. Her very good friend is suffering with health problems, and no one seems to be able to help her. And she proceeded to tell me that her friend had been taking Synthroid for over 20 years. I am now in communication with her friend. Now I could give you lots of stories about the drug Synthroid which is prescribed for thyroid problems. I am here to say it is a dangerous drug with horrendous side effects and if you are one of those people, please call me for a consultation so I can teach you how to wean off Synthroid and start using super foods and Kelp and desiccated thyroid. There is no such thing as a nutritious drug.


I am now hearing of all kinds of people lined up to see doctors at clinics and emergencies. This is where my work comes into play. My work is to help people become self-reliant in health without relying on doctors. God created herbs for us and those herbs surround us everywhere in the outdoors. Yet we pay no attention to them. They are there for a reason and they have a message for us if only we would stop and observe and take note. So today I am going to introduce you to some herbs that are probably growing in your backyard, and you need to actually notice them and not only notice them but to take action. This means that you take those herbs that are there for you to pay attention. I ask that you get to know herbs so that you can trust them and in times of emergencies you can confidently use them thereby avoiding panic, fear, lining up at emergencies, taking dangerous drugs and thinking vaccines can save you. This is where I recommend TAFYH, my course, There is no other course like TAFYH in this whole wide world.




From this point on I am going to specifically refer to Natures Sunshine herbs because they are nutritionally analyzed and their quality control is meticulous. These herbs are therapeutic and I know if you take them you will get results. I don’t go to doctors. I don’t have a doctor and why would I need one. I have taken it upon myself to keep my health in tip top shape and I am here to help others to do the same. Here is what I know works for those times when you are in a panic.

Infections of all kinds: throat, intestinal, ear, eye, sores, It does not matter what name you give it. Take  Cat’s Claw combination 4 four times a day and Silver Shield 1 tsp four times a day and drink lots of water and Chlorophyll.

Diarrhea; This could be an infection so Cat’s Claw and Silver. But it could also be a parasite so I would add Artemesia about 4 twice a day. Add Psyllium Hulls  1 tsp three times a day with water and Chlorophyll.

Flues, Fever: Cat’s Claw and Silver Shield, Drink water and Chlorophyll,

Lung congestion; Cat’s Claw and Silver and Mullein

Eye infection; Spray Silver into your eyes about 6 times a day

Bleeding: Wash the wound with water. Capsicum open the capsules and pour onto the wound. It will coagulate almost immediately. Bleeding internally you can take capsicum but it must be with food.

Heart palpitations: Take MC about 4 three times a day and Hawthorn about 4 twice a day. Take magnesium about 1500 mg a day.

Heart weakness of any kind; MC, Hawthorn, Super Oil, Take 4 twice a day for at least 5 months

Liver disorders: Dandelion and LIV-C. Do the 3 day liver cleanse

Kidney disorders: Do the One Day Kidney cleanse, Take Parsley and Cornsilk every day,

Menstrual bleeding: FCS11

Of course the above only works if you do super food smoothies with Ultimate Green Zone, Essential Liquid Minerals, Collagen, Solstic Energy and water.

Most times I ask that you either do a consultation with me or sign up for my TAFYH course.