Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Food Poisoning Gone!


Dean experienced weakness and diarrhea and he even threw up once.

Did he go to a doctor to find out what this was all about?

Not Dean! He opened up Dr. Pederson’s book, A Fighting Chance and turned to the page that said, “Food Poisoning.”

Did Dean know his sickness was food poisoning.

No he did not. He just followed Dr Pederson’s protocol on food poisoning.

Do you have to know if this is food poisoning?

The answer is No. What you need to know is what to do not what it is.

Dr. Pederson’s protocol:

2 tablespoons of SilverGuard every hour for 8 hours.

He even stayed up to 1 am to be sure he was getting his 8 hours in.

The next day he took Cat’s Claw combination 2 capsules every hour along with a few teaspoons of Silver.

It was the middle of this second day that all symptoms subsided,

The weakness was gone. The energy came back, The diarrhea was gone.

I am here to say that this protocol would work for sore throats, infections of all kinds, abscesses or anything else that may come your way.

You do not need to know what it is you just need to know how to address it.