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Do You Know What To Do in Case of Emergency?

Guest: Kenda shares her experience in TAFYH 75

Success stories: Root Canal out, no antibiotics, Food Poisoning

Words of Interest from Carol.


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A Word About TAFYH

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Thoughts are shared.

Wording is questioned.

Thinking goes beyond the box.

No longer is there fear.

No longer is there hesitation.

No longer is there doubt.

There is only power!


Recently I attended a Zoom Call BC Rising and on that call was a guest speaker that talked about the slippery slope of MAID run as a normal in our hospitals as I speak. The message was clear; Stop going to the doctors. On that Zoom call was a very concerned woman who said these words: Then what do we do if there is an emergency. I assumed that she was referring to some of the many diagnosed conditions like breathing problems, lung infections,  pneumonia, strep throat, fevers, diarrhea, flus, bleeding, arthritis, bladder infections, kidney infections and all infections. I don’t think she was referring to broken bones, accident, traumas.

Here is where I want to put in a plug for TAFYH. You learn to gain confidence in using our God given herbs. And yes emergency is covered. Let me tell you what I learned from one of my TAFYH grads, One day Brain  ended up with passing blood during urination. There were blood clots passing. Did he panic? Did he rush to emergency to wait for hours on end for this problem to be addressed. No. He told his wife who is also a TAFYH grad, She got to work and told him to take a Capsicum capsules with warm water every hour. He did this for a day and the bleeding stopped and that was a couple of weeks ago. The power of that simple God created Capsicum that has in it the intelligence from God solved the problem.

Then I got a message from another TAFYH grad who told me that she uses Tei Fu Oil to solve her breathing problems, It works 100 % of the time.


Kenda: TAFYH grad.


When you place your orders with Nature Sunshine please do not order via website. I know that you receive emails saying you will receive 25% discount for your first order. You can request Subscribe and Thrive and receive 25% and free shipping by dialing customer service 1 800 265 9163, Then ask to have your shopping cart emptied.


Success Stories

Laura was experiencing infection in her root canaled teeth and kept taking Silver and Cat’s Claw combination

to keep the infection at bay, However the infection never would clear up,

The day came when she made a decision to go to the dentist to have the 2 root canals extracted.

They were infected. Did Laura take antibiotics? The answer was NO.

She took Cat’s Claw combination about 4 three times a day and Silver about 2 oz a day.

The infection took no time to clear up.

Now here is the amazing sequel to this story.

There was a “side effect”.

Laura had a lump on her groin that was constantly bothersome.

It would leak and drain but it never went away.

Lo and behold the root canals were extracted, the infection was cleaned out.

And to Laura’s surprise the lump in her groin is no longer there.

Who would have ever thought that 2 root canals could be the cause of a lump in the groin.

Every organ and gland in our body is connected to our teeth!!

Thank you Laura.


Dean experienced weakness and diarrhea and he even threw up once.

Did he go to a doctor to find out what this was all about?

Not Dean! He opened up Dr. Pederson’s book, A Fighting Chance and turned to the page that said, “Food Poisoning.”

Did Dean know his sickness was food poisoning.

No he did not. He just followed Dr Pederson’s protocol on food poisoning.

Do you have to know if this is food poisoning?

The answer is No. What you need to know is what to do not what it is.

Dr. Pederson’s protocol:

2 tablespoons of SilverGuard every hour for 8 hours.

He even stayed up to 1 am to be sure he was getting his 8 hours in.

The next day he took Cat’s Claw combination 2 capsules every hour along with a few teaspoons of Silver.

It was the middle of this second day that all symptoms subsided,

The weakness was gone. The energy came back, The diarrhea was gone.

I am here to say that this protocol would work for sore throats, infections of all kinds, abscesses or anything else that may come your way.

You do not need to know what it is you just need to know how to address it.


Your First Aid Kit: Credit to Steven Horne:

Here are my recommendations for what to put in your home health care kit.
Capsicum Capsules: Capsicum is an important remedy for stopping bleeding, treating shock and stimulating circulation and healing. It is also a valuable remedy for colds and has mild analgesic qualities.

For bleeding open the capsule and apply right onto the bleeding area. It helps to coagulate the blood,

For shock open a capsule into juice or water and sip is down. Do this every 15 minutes until the shock subsides. It usually takes only about 15 to 30 minutes


Lobelia Essence: Lobelia is an antispasmodic that relaxes muscle cramps or spasms and can be used to ease pain, relax the body during anxiety attacks and stress, ease asthma attacks, and relieve tension headaches. Lobelia can also be used as an emetic to induce vomiting in cases of food poisoning or flu.

Just apply Lobelia right unto the area of pain or the cramp several times a day if need be. It is great to relax the body when in a state of shock.


Cat’s Claw Combination: It’s good to have something to stimulate the immune system. This is a remedy that can stop infections dead in their tracks. Take about 2 capsules every 2 hours until the infection subsides. This may take 3 days.

Cat’s Claw combination and Psyllium Hulls are excellent for diarrhea.


Silver Shield Gel: . Silver Shield is a very effective and nontoxic silver product that can be taken internally or applied topically. You can use it as a sinus spray, throat gargle or as ear drops for infections in the sinuses, throat and ears. It can also be taken internally for infections. The gel is excellent for all topical applications and is safe to use on open wounds. It can also be used as a hand sanitizer.

Dr. Pedersen says that Silver Shield destroys toxins that lead to bacteria, viruses and molds. It has been tested for many purposes:

Anti-aging   and wound healing

Burns and bites

Parasites and Malaria

MRSA, Strep, Staph, Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,

Purifies water in 1.5 minutes

Deactivates harmful hormones

Abnormal cells as in breast cancer, Sarcoma, Leukemia, cervical cancer, Human Papilloma virus,

Epstein Barr virus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Cytomegalovirus (cancer), SARS, Bird Flu, etc.

Silver creates stem cells in the blood stream.

Tei Fu Oil or Tei Fu Massage Lotion: Tei Fu oil is a topical analgesic and can be rubbed in to ease the pain of headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, sore throats and much more. It can be inhaled for respiratory congestion and makes a great remedy for bites and stings. It can be  rubbed unto the chest for congestion. It is an excellent remedy for sore throats or dry throats. Just put one drop on your pinky finger and pop that into your mouth. It can be taken several times a day if needed.


Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil settles the stomach where there is nausea and vomiting and eases gas and bloating. It can also help to promote mental alertness.


AL-J Liquid or Capsules:  If you are prone to colds and respiratory congestion, this is a great remedy for clearing mucus from the lungs and sinuses. It is useful for coughs, colds, earaches, digestive upset and allergies.

Aloe Vera Gel A high quality aloe vera gel is useful to keep on hand for burns, sunburn, abrasions and other skin irritations.

IF-C: Steven Horn says: No first aid kit is complete without something for pain. This natural anti-inflammatory is a great remedy for easing pain and promoting recovery from minor injuries, headaches and other aches and pains.

Nature’s Fresh: This product is great to have on hand for stains and odors, but it is also an amazing topical spray for helping to ease pain and promote healing. You can spray it on all kinds of minor injuries and painful areas to ease pain and promote healing.

Other Products: 

Kelp – 4 caps for iodine for radioactivity, thyroid, weight loss

Pau D’Arco lotion – scratches, bruises, itchy skin, rashes

Zerenity- anxiety, panic, feeling scattered