Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Root Canal Infection Gone!


Laura was experiencing infection in her root canaled teeth and kept taking Silver and Cat’s Claw combination

to keep the infection at bay, However the infection never would clear up,

The day came when she made a decision to go to the dentist to have the 2 root canals extracted.

They were infected. Did Laura take antibiotics? The answer was NO.

She took Cat’s Claw combination about 4 three times a day and Silver about 2 oz a day.

The infection took no time to clear up.

Now here is the amazing sequel to this story.

There was a “side effect”.

Laura had a lump on her groin that was constantly bothersome.

It would leak and drain but it never went away.

Lo and behold the root canals were extracted, the infection was cleaned out.

And to Laura’s surprise the lump in her groin is no longer there.

Who would have ever thought that 2 root canals could be the cause of a lump in the groin.

Every organ and gland in our body is connected to our teeth!!

Thank you Laura.