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Blood Clot

 Aspirin is usually prescribed to thin blood to potentially avoid blood clots. Dr. Marc Carrier, president of Thrombosis Canada states:

It is estimated that 100,000 Canadians are affected by venous thromboembolism (VTE) — a type of blood clot that starts in the leg or pelvis and eventually travels to the lungs. The number of deaths caused by VTE is significant: 10,000 a year, which is more than deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer and HIV combined.


 I decided to analyze aspirin as a method of treating blood clots and supposedly preventing blood clots. Aspirin does not dissolve the blood clot. Aspirin is known only to   thin the blood.  


Why does a blood clot happen? In my world of Laws of Nature a blood clot happens when the blood circulation has become stagnant. It has slowed down. The body temperature has decreased below its normal temperature of 37 C. Dr Axe clearly states that if blood flows too slowly and starts to build up, large numbers of platelets may group together, stick to each other and form a blood clot. 

In other instances quoting Dr Axe.” the blood clots when there is an injury to the blood vessel thereby causing bleeding. Then blood platelets and proteins in your plasma attach to the damaged area of the blood vessel. They clump together to reduce the bleeding.

In my analyses I ask why has the blood flow slowed down and why does blood clot happen. You will never convince me  that an injury happening in your blood vessel is simply a coincidence. The Laws of Nature don’t work that way. There is an absolute reason why the blood slows down and why an injury happens and why a blood clot forms.

My explanation to both questions is twofold. The blood slows down its flow because it does not have enough energy in it to keep it flowing at top speed. You will know if your blood is lacking energy because you will experience cold hands and feet. You will know if your blood is lacking energy when you take your body temperature first thing in the morning via a mouth thermometer and you discover to your shock that your body temperature is well below the optimum body temperature of 37 C. I recall visiting my Dad when he was in a nursing home. I walked into a home that was hot meaning the temperature in that home was turned up and I was feeling overheated. Now I realize that the reason these nursing homes turn up their temperature is because the people in the homes are all too cold. If we could just feed them with good foods and super foods to raise their body temperatures I believe many of them would not need to be there.


What foods raise body temperature? In TAFYH we study Chinese constitutional elements and the element that encompasses circulation is the Fire Element and the color is red. There it is the red foods that can raise the body temperature. If you think of red foods than you are most likely thinking of red meat and I emphasize grass fed red meat. I learned about the superiority of grass fed red meat by reading Dr. Cordain’s research where his research proved grass fed had more good fats with more Omega  fatty acids and better proteins. There are 2 kinds of proteins. A1 and A2 proteins. Grass fed meat is an A2 protein. And it raises body temperature. Now think of free run chicken eggs. The yolk of these eggs is a dark orange color very close to red. Eggs are high in good fats and in good proteins and they can raise body temperature. Let’s think of fish. The color of salmon is red. Now I stress eating wild salmon caught in the ocean. Wild salmon is loaded with good fats and proteins. I can also think of ocean perch and red snapper, all wild fish with the ability to raise body temperature.

If you go to the world of herbal products then we learn that Arginine Plus is red and it is known to increase blood circulation and raise body temperature. It is also known to bind to the spike proteins found in the CoVid shots. I learned this from the studies of Dr Jessica Rose.

There are a list of red herbs like Capsicum, Turmeric, Rosehips, Power Beets which also has Arginine in it. They all raise body temperature and increase blood circulation.

My favorite mineral tonic is the Mineral Chi Tonic. It is red and it feeds the blood and the glandular system to increase electrical energy and move the blood.


I have a second explanation to the question of why a blood clot happens. The blood has too many toxins in it. Toxins and poisons in the blood stagnate the blood and slow down blood circulation that could lead to an injury to the blood vessel. An injured blood vessel leads to internal bleeding and the blood then clots to prevent the bleeding and to heal the injury.

Toxins in the blood bring the body temperature to below 37 C. The blood flow slows down and the toxins and poisons in the blood can form a blood clot.

Yet poisons and toxins in the medical world are never addressed. Whenever there is suspicion of a blood clot immediately the medical answer is to thin the blood with aspirin.

 So I ask how can taking an aspirin to thin the blood stop blood clots? The aspirin does not address the cause of the blood clot. The aspirin does nothing to dispel the toxins and poisons. The aspirin does nothing to raise the body temperature. Now here is another sideling insight. Aspirin and Tylenol is also recommended whenever you have a fever. Why? Aspirin lowers body temperature. So you now you start to see that in lowering the body temperature the blood circulation slows down. If there happens to be toxins and poisons in the blood the blood can then form a blood clot. The thing, aspirin taken to thin the blood can actually lead to a blood clot.

 I then googled the side effects of aspirin and here it is:

 ·      Stomach inflammation or bleeding

·         Bleeding in the brain or other parts of the body

Bleeding is a side effect of aspirin. Following the Laws of Nature whenever there is bleeding the blood clots form to stop the bleeding. Blood clotting happens when there is bleeding. That is the wisdom of the Law of Nature

When there is an injury in the blood vessel or any tissue in the body the blood clots. When there are too many toxins and poisons in the body the blood stagnates and the blood can clot. And a blood clot can happen anywhere in your body; the arm, the legs, the lungs, the belly, the kidneys and so on.

 What can you do if you happen to experience a possible blood clot. There is something you can do before you even call 911. And this is the beauty of coming to know herbs and their use for emergency purposes. You can save your own life if you become confident in the power of healing herbs. That is one big reason I teach my course. TAFYH. I want people to become invested in their health. I want you to know what to do if you have infections or blood clots or you are experiencing suspicious pain. You can do what Dr. Joen did. Dr. Joen is a ND and a TAFYH grad. Dr. Joen’s TAFYH leader was Jacqueline. I had the honor of meeting  Dr Joen at one of the Nature Sunshine conventions that we had many years ago. So today I want to share her story.

 uccess Story of Suspicious Blood Clot and Extreme Pain and Swelling in the Leg Sept/2019

Over a period of 3 weeks Donna’s right leg behind the knee became painful and this pain got worse and worse and just would not subside. It became so painful that Donna could not do any chores and she just could not handle it. So off to the doctor she went to find out what was causing the pain. The doctor examined the painful area and was suspicious that this was a blood clot. He then scheduled an ultrasound to happen 3 days later. Donna, being frantic, fearing that this could mean death, then called me to explain her situation. I immediately recommended the Emergency Protocol. I have witnessed this protocol work for people experiencing a heart attack and coming through with flying colors, a suspicious stroke and it worked, chest pains and it worked. I have total confidence in the Laws of Nature When they are followed using high quality controlled herbal supplements using them in high doses and taking them long enough the symptoms will subside. Donna was on board and agreed to follow my suggested protocol.

MC 8 all at once with a glass of water and 2 opened capsules of Capsules

CoQ10 2

Repeat the capsicum and water 15 minutes later.

Repeat the Capsicum and water 15 minutes later.

Drink water with a tablespoon of Chlorophyll throughout the day.

Donna did the protocol on Wednesday night.

Donna did the protocol three times on Thursday

On Friday morning Donna woke up and the pain was almost all gone. However, she did the protocol once more on Friday morning. Then off to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. To the doctor’s amazement there was no deep vein thrombosis, there was no blood clot, there was no swelling. Everything was totally fine! Donna was ecstatic! Her big reason for being so thankful was that she was scheduled to go on a cruise in about 2 weeks. Yahoo! She would not have to cancel her cruise. Donna’s words:

I feel elated!

I feel free!

 Here you have it. A simple answer to what could be diagnosed as a blood clot. You act on it immediately when you feel pain or suspicious. You take Capsicum and the product MC from Natures Sunshine. Capsicum is a thinking herb as Dr Christopher would call it. It warms the blood, it increases body temperature and it makes the blood flow. Because the circulation is increased the toxins and poisons that are stagnating the blood and perhaps causing a blood clot are now moving. The clot is dissipating and the pain and discomfort disappear. Everyone needs to have the herb Capsicum in their herbal cabinet at all times. Capsicum can also help the blood to coagulate very quickly in cases where there is profuse bleeding from an wound or injury be it external or internal. The secret is to take it every 15 minutes until the bleeding stops or the shock dissipates.

 MC on the other hand is like a snow plow in your blood stream. It has the ability to plow out all the toxins and poisons very quickly if taken every hour along with Capsicum. It can clean out heavy metals, poisons from vaccines, poisons from drugs , metabolic wastes, undigested food particles and  sticky triglycerides that can cause a heart attack. MC is a powerful tablet containing vitamins, minerals, bovine thymus and adrenal and the herbs Butcher’s Broom and Gingko Biloba. It can be taken as a daily vit/mineral supplement.

In my world it is so empowering to know how effective these 2 products MC and Capsicum are in cleansing and moving the blood.

 Last of all in this presentation I want to turn back to the side effects of aspirin and show you how you can address them with simple herbal formulas.

Another side effect of aspirin as stated in Google search is

Upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal discomfort or bloating


Years ago a wonderful microbiologist employed by Nature Sunshine, Dr Kelly, desinged a formulation of herbs which he called ULC-R. If you happen to experience ulcers or heartburn or pain in the stomach you can take ULC-R about 2 with each meal. ULC-R contains licorice, capsicum, Pau D’Arco and cloves. This herbal formula has the power to  heal your inner stomach lining and clear up the ulcers, the inner injuries in the stomach and stop your upset stomach, heartburn, pain and so on. Your stomach is then able to produce the necessary HCl needed for digesting proteins and converting them into amino acids. I recently had a great chat with Gabriella who worked on healing her stomach pain with ULC-R and a nutritional program I designed for her. I am in the process of writing her success story. Once that has been completed I will ask Gabriella to be a guest on my Monday night call.

I also read that aspirin can cause kidney injury. I can’t help but share the amazing One Day Kidney Flush that has now healed all kinds of kidney problems for many many people. Here it is and you do the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week until the kidneys regain their health. It works every time.

A glass of water with a lemon and a half a scoop of Arginine Plus

Take 2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea and 2 capsules of Cat’s Claw combo

One hour later

A glass of water with Chlorophyll either a capsule or 2 tablespoons

Take 2 capsules of K and 2 capsules of Hydrangea and 2 capsules of Cat’s Claw combo

Repeat taking the capsules every hour and alternating the lemon Arginine water with the Chlorophyll water.

You can heal your kidneys and bladder using the One Day Kidney Flush one day a week for 5  to 10 times.