Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Tidbits from Dr Kim Balas

 Tidbits from Dr Kim Balas:

Only 7% of the population eat enough vegetables today. Consequently Power Greens is a must for everyone if they want to get the required amount of vegetables. One serving of Power Greens  gives you 5 servings of high dense nutrient vegetables. Just add 1 scoop of Power Greens  to water with Solstic and enjoy!.

Today you would have to eat 75 bowls of spinach compared to 1 bowl of spinach in 1952. Another reason to have Power Greens at least 1 serving a day.

If you eat food with no nutrient density you constantly feel hungry.

The average amount of sugar consumed per person per year is 176 pounds. In other words ½ pound of sugar per person per day.

Gluten from grains , casein from milk, sugar and processed foods all contribute to inflammation.

The adrenals can safely handle 100 mg of caffeine per day. An 8 oz cup of coffee is 75 mg of caffeine .  All those energy drinks on the market contain 550 mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine hyper stimulates our adrenals and that causes the ‘crashing syndrome.” One of my favorite products is MC which contains bovine adrenal, a great supplement for adrenals and for the crashing syndrome.

A simple Multi vitamin per day is simply not enough to sustain good health. Dr. Kim did a test to determine the absorbency of multis on the market and discovered that they simply do not dissolve and do not break down. She was particularly disappointed with the prenatal vitamin supplements. I recommend MC which has all the vitamins and minerals, bovine adrenal and thymus and the herbs Gingko Biloba and Butcher’s Broom to move the blood.

To cleanse the colon is of extreme importance to sustain mental health as 95% of the serotonin receptor sites are located in the colon. The colon is really the second brain. Vitamin B12 is produced in the colon. Having 3 bowel movements to go along with the 3 meals we eat a day is of utmost importance. The body requires sufficient clean water for adequate bowel functions. Take your body weight divided by 2 equals the ounces of water needed by the bowels for healthy functions. “Water is the solution to the dilution of the pollution.’ Adding a high quality fiber is the next item on the list for bowel health. Taking a tsp. of Psyllium Hulls before bed will prevent hypoglycemia and will keep the blood sugar in balance . The Psyllium Hulls Fiber helps to slow the sugar assimilation. Psyllium Hulls also contains potassium which is like a garbage collector. It takes the garbage out. Taking the herbal combination Potas and Essential Liquid Minerals which are both  high in potassium helps the bowel to detoxify. Psyllium Hulls taken more than once a day is great for IBS symptoms.  A great Shake here is Power Greens, Psyllium Hulls, Essential Liquid Minerals and Solstic Energy with water.

MRSA skin disease was cleared up within 4 days using 1 bottle of Probiotic a day along with 4 oz. of Silver Shield.

Leaky gut can be healed by taking  St John’s Wort which is an astringent and taking Probiotic 11 about 10 all at once with the evening meal.

For diminishing allergies use Probiotic 11 which goes into the mucosal lining and helps with Vitamin B12 manufacturing. You can also take Liquid B12 or the capsules Methyl B12 with Folate

Most of the Omega 3’s on the market have been tested with heavy metals. NSP Super Omega 3 has no heavy metals. Dr. Kim’s urine testing always shows results with all the NSP products she uses.

Super Trio is a marvelous easy to carry product. It has been especially valuable for blood type A’s according to Dr. Kim. It contains small packets with a super vit/min, a super omega 3 and a super ORAC antioxidant tablet.

Dr. Kim , as a young person , was a figure skater who used Tylenol extensively for pain as a consequence of driving her body too hard. This amount of Tylenol led to a kidney failure where she needed to have her kidney surgically removed. She ended up on a dialysis machine for some time. It was a Nature’s Sunshine distributor that guided her through a supplemental program to re-establish her health once again. This is where the K combination comes in handy. This combination not only healed Dr Kim’s kidneys, it has healed many many other people who have had  kidney disorders. Last week I told you about a man whose kidney function went up from 33 to 36 within 1 month.

Dr Kim has since used Nature’s Sunshine products not only for her own personal health but also for her clients as she is a practicing naturopathic doctor. She also mentors three doctors who also follow and respect her herbal protocols.

Dr Kim teaches that Vitamins D regulates estrogen levels. Estrogens are found in plastic products, chemicals. Candida yeast fed by sugar and all starches and antibiotics produces toxic estrogens. The product known as Flax Hull Lignans has been scientifically proven to bind the toxic xenoestrogens.

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme spray is enzymes in a bottle. You can spray it on your body for enzyme absorption and  you can drink it. Spray it on a whip lash area and it will old chiropractic adjustments better. Enzyme Spray contains the enzymes that white blood cells produce.  It is fabulous for tired feet, muscles strains and sprains, tight muscles and any soft tissue injury. It has the ability to break down irritants. It helps the inner and outer skin heal faster. It is a great skin toner.

The Paleo Diet is the most perfect way to eat. It contains the much needed proteins, the greens and the right fats.

Dr Kim teaches that there are 2 types of proteins. Type A1protein  and Type A2 Protein.  A2 is the protein that is the most bioavailable. It is found in goat and sheep products and in grass fed meat and the NSP Whey protein called NutriBurn.   A lot of the whey on the market is the Type A1 protein. Its great to know that NutriBurn Whey is a Type A2 protein.