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  I can’t help sharing Lynn’s story with you. She found her 4 minute mile.  One day Lynn was diagnosed with Lupus and she was given 2 years to live.  Her initial belief system was to spend every day of her waking mornings doing this:

Getting up

Having a shower

Shaving her legs

Going to her appointment with one doctor.

Sitting in the waiting room.

Seeing the doctor who told her what prescriptions she needed

Going for an appointment with another doctor

Sitting in the waiting room.

Seeing the doctor who told her what prescriptions she needed

Here are Lynn’s words.

“My whole life ended, and I went into a deep depression. I was hospitalized to a psych ward for a period of 3 months. I was totally overwhelmed, and I broke down.” For years Lynn’s life was totally consumed by doctors. Visits to the doctors’ offices was her entire social life.” I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I was living on borrowed time. All I did was make appointments with doctors and sit around in the waiting rooms to see doctors. I shaved my legs daily to see doctors. I was up to visiting 15 doctors a week. I was very timid, and I was lost. I was bitter. Why is my life shutting down? “

With that belief system of going to doctors Lynn realized that no doctor could give Lynn an answer. Their answer was this; you have 2 years to live. Lynn’s whole world was tied into a belief system in medical doctors that gave her 2 years to live, Everyone in her world, the doctors, her medical records,  her friends who heard her diagnosis had settled into he belief system that Lupus was not curable. Just as everyone in the world in Roger Banner’s time had settled that running under a 4-minute mile was impossible. Not only was it impossible but experts cited biological and physical barriers claiming the human body was simply not capable of achieving such a feat. Such a belief system led Roger Banner to shatter it all.


In Lynn’s case someone had told her about Donna Roth who had a different way of thinking about diseases. It is this day, that  one day that Lynn made a decision – a decision that changed her life, a decision that shattered the belief system of her other world; that she had Lupus with only 2 years to live.


With all the courage she could muster Lynn decided to visit Donna Roth for a consultation. The consultation discovered that Lynn was very deficient in many different minerals, enzymes , and essential fatty acids. Lynn had no idea whether it would work. Lynn had no idea what she was getting herself into. Lynn had no idea whether spending money and time on such a non medical pathway would give her health back. But  on July 31/06 Lynn started on her new adventure.

Every day Lynn took the following Nature’s Sunshine herbal program:

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day

Ultimate Green Zone now known as Power Greens

LIV-C 4 capsules a day for her liver

Evening Primrose Oil 4 capsules a day

Colostrum 4 a day

No sugar, pop, wheat, yeast products. A diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, hormone free meat, eggs. Water only to drink.

Lynn took this nutritional approach very seriously. “I decided I would do exactly what Donna said I should do. I taped the instructions to my fridge, and I stuck to the program.”

Lynn’s determination was unmovable. She was 100% on board and every day she followed those instructions and every day she drank her smoothies, she ate the right foods and she took her supplements faithfully, no exceptions. She did exactly what Roger Bannister did . Roger had his own belief system and was determined  and he took action to shatter the “limitation” that was set by the world. 

 Finally the day arrived when Lynn would test her 4 minute mile.

At the end of August/2006, one month later Lynn visited her liver specialist who did a liver enzyme test for her. The results showed the liver enzymes to be down to normal for the first time in 10 years. The doctor couldn’t believe it and so he did another liver test just in case there was an error in the testing procedures. Once again, the liver test showed the enzyme levels to be perfectly normal. All other blood tests showed everything to be in the normal range. The blood pressure came down from 180/110 to 127/85. The doctor was absolutely amazed and told Lynn she wouldn’t have to see him for another 6 months. Lynn also weaned off 5 of her 7 medications- the anti-malaria drugs, the blood pressure meds, the diuretics, the potassium and the arthritic pain drugs.

Lynn was ecstatic. She had overcome that belief system that told her she had 2 years to live. The doctor living in this belief system could not believe it. But Lynn had found her 4 minute mile and shattered her medical records. She was no longer a victim of their belief system. Lynn continued with her program.

The pain was gone. The cramps she would have in the liver and the ribs every time she ate were gone. Her leg cramps decreased dramatically. Her headaches were history. Her sugar cravings are gone. The anxiety attacks, stress and depression were gone. Her sporadic menstrual cycle was now normal.

What changed for Lynn. It wasn’t the medical system, it wasn’t the 15 doctors she visited every week. It was Lynn’s initial openness to a different way of thinking. It was her determination and her hunger and drive to live a life of health. It was her inward reflection. Noone could do this for Lynn. Noone eat the right foods for her. It was up to her. Noone could make the super food smoothies for her. It was up to her. Noone could take the supplements for her. It was all up to Lynn. It was her own inner determination and her outward actions that led to her pathway of health. Just as Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile belief system Lynn broke her own 4 minute mile belief system;

Liver enzymes could come down to normal levels with super foods and herbs

Blood pressure could come down to normal levels with super foods and herbs.

Kidney functions could be normalized with super foods and herbs

Potassium levels could be normalized with super foods and herbs.

Arthritic pain can be overcome with super foods and herbs

Cramps and pain can be overcome with super foods and herbs.

Headaches can be overcome with super foods and herbs.

Anxiety attacks, stress and depression can be overcome with super foods and herbs.

Abnormal menstrual cycles can be overcome with super foods and herbs.

Lupus, just another diagnosed name can be overcome with super foods and herbs.

 “I learned I had to speak for myself and do it myself. I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I changed my eating habits. I changed my shopping habits from cookies and potato chips to fruits and vegetables. I get excited when I cook now. I discovered how my intestinal tract works. I feel younger today then I did 10 years ago. “Lynn’s advice is to gain knowledge about yourself and to do it yourself.

 I ask What’s your 4 minute mile in your own health?

I say you also can overcome if you go to your own inner world, shatter your own belief system, create your own belief system, find out how to take the super foods and herbs, and take action and keep doing it every day until you get success.  Your body is created to heal. And know this that  you, too, can shatter your own 4 minute mile belief system and regain your own health as did Lynn  by taking action for her health as did Roger Bannister by running a 4 minute mile.

 Even if you just do exactly what Lynn did for just 1 month, no cheating, no exceptions you can shatter your won belief system and prove to yourself that you too can overcome.

Too often I hear the words; well it worked for Lynn but I don’t think it will work for me. Notice your own belief system when you say these words; you don’t think. If you think you can’t’ then you can’t.

 I have been a teacher for many years and there are these little powerful stories that were taught to children that have the same powerful meaning for those wanting to overcome their health challenges.