Wednesday, June 4, 2008


One young 5 year old boy had prevalent behavioral difficulties. He just could not sit still , he had a bad temper, and he was aggressive . He would push other kids and he was always getting into trouble in school. He was now being labeled as a bad kid. The doctor thought he was a typical ADHD type of child so he recommended a prescription drug. The parents, upon researching the side effects of the drug, refused to give their child any type of drugs. In December of 2007 a good friend visited them and brought a small package of herbal products which included Essential Liquid Minerals and SynerProtein powder. This little guy had no trouble taking a tablespoon of Essential Liquid Minerals but the SynerProtein was questionable because he didn’t like the taste at all. Well, it so happened that this young fellow had a particular interest in hockey and it was explained to him that all hockey players take protein powder and did he know that Sidney Crosby, the captain of Pittsburgh Penguins takes protein powder. Well, his eyes lit right up and this 5 year old said if Sydney Crosby takes protein powder then he must take it as well. So he took his spoon , dug out some powder , popped it into his mouth and chased it down with some Essential Liquid Minerals. And to top it off he followed the same procedure every day until school started in January. And what an amazing difference! He was able to settle right down. The teachers were amazed, the parents were delighted and the doctor decided drugs were not the answer. By the end of January this 5 year old was the best hockey player not only on his team but in his entire league. One day the Mom received a desperate phone call from her very concerned son who explained to her that he would have a bad day in school because he forgot to take his “hockey stuff” Of course Mom ran to the school to fulfill her son’s wishes. As an added note the program for ADD, ADHD, lack of focus or concentration is as follows:
SynerProtein and other proteins for breakfast No wheat, no sugar ( Xylitol is a great substitute)
Essential Liquid Minerals
Focus ATN about 2 twice a day
Super Oil