Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Health is Taking Responsiblity

If there is a specific message that I would like to instill into the mind of our Society it would be to take responsibility of the health of our own bodies into our own hands. Let us all become aware of those things that make common sense to our health. No matter what disease lingers in your body it makes perfect sense to feed it with nutrition. May it be known that the higher the food density factor the sooner the body cells are able to repair and rejuvenate a diseased state. Our bodies are a complicated mass of inner manufacturing that requires simple basic fundamental building blocks. We all know what they are: namely, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, oxygen and water. If even one of these fundamentals is missing then the state of health shifts into a state of dis-ease and complications arise. The cells simply cannot replicate , repair or rejuvenate. When we consider the fact that our agricultural practices have significantly reduced the nutrient levels of our soils, that drug sales have climbed outrageously and the vaccinations stocks are topping the markets it is no wonder that our health has deteriorated to emergency proportions. At this time let us all take time to ponder traditional common sense health practices and to put high-density foods into our bodies. Let us take time to help our fellow men and pass the word of common sense health to them. Let us take time to pass out this web site to someone you know who is suffering from a needless health condition. There is another simple way and the many success stories on this site verify those ways.