Sunday, June 1, 2008

Athletic Testimonial From Jon Cool

Subject: Athletic Testimonial from Jon Cool - Nature's Gold for IQ CHEF -

I started running when I was in elementary school on the school track & field team and the cross country running teams, I did this through high school. In high school and through out University I was a member of Athletics Canada and raced track and Field during both the indoor and outdoor season. At that time I also ran allot of road races, 5K, and 10K races. I have done 2 triathlons and one half marathon. In 1999 I injured my knee during a race and decided to take some time off to recover. Shortly after that I graduated from University, started looking for work and moving on with my life, getting away from the running scene. In 2005 I moved to Edmonton and saw the strong running community which motivated me to get back into the sport. I decided that the Boston Marathon was what I want to accomplish as a runner, it is my goal. I decided that I would do my first marathon that summer in Toronto. In my preparation I did some 5 and 10 K races and than off to TO. I felt strong the first half, was on a 3 Hour 45 min pace, with 15 KM left I hit the wall and struggled to finish. I crossed the finish line at 4 hours and 29 min. At this point I learned how much work goes into proper training and what needed to be done If I am ever going to run a 3 hour 15 min Marathon, which is the Time I need to qualify for Boston. In 2006 I stared with more knowledge and determination and Nature's Gold in my diet. I planned 2 marathons, and a number of shorter races for the summer. I started eating barley and became more disciplined in my whole regime, diet, training, etc. Leading up to the marathons I ran a 5KM race in 19 min, 42 sec, which was the first time I ever ran a 5K in under 20 Min. Which I followed up with a 3 hour 40 Min Marathon, knocking 49 min off my first. (with a time of 3:59 min in the other marathon) The morning of race days I eat 4 heaping spoonfuls of Barley. In the 2 weeks leading up to a Marathon I eat 3 spoonfuls, 3 times a day. The rest of the time I eat 3 spoonfuls twice a day. Leading up to a marathon I typical mix my barley with the juice I make with my Juicer. I than would add a raw egg and a spoonful of unpasturized honey to my barley juice mix. (presently I am looking at adding sea salt and apple cider vinegar to my diet as well.) When I eat 4 spoonfuls at once it quickly flushes out my system allowing me to race without extra junk in my body slowing me down. I find that I have more energy after I eat the barley, and If I eat it after a workout my energy lever returns much faster. I feel that the barley, in conjunction with my training and diet has helped me significantly with my times. With proper training and Nature's Gold I believe that a 3:15 marathon is not that far away.


Jon Cool