Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tidbits From Dr Kim Balas May 31, 2008, Kelowna

For calcium to be assimilated and used by the bones and teeth the following are essential:
Progesterone - Wild Yam and Chaste
Magnesium - Magnesium Complex
Essential Fatty Acids - Super Oil
If you have plaque on the teeth you have too much free calcium and the calcium is not being absorbed. Free calcium predisposes one to arthritis, gout, cancer, arterial lesions or high blood pressure.
Calcium has to be bound to a protein. To get protein from meat , it needs to be eaten medium rare and with enzymes if there is difficulty with digestion.
All postmenopausal women need progesterone as in Wild Yam and Chaste for calcium absorption.
Dr. Balas gets great results for weight loss using Progesterone and her Chronic Inflammation program which is :
Heavy Metal Detox - start with 1/ 3 times a day and increase to 4 / 3 times a day or until there is a metal taste in the mouth.
IF-C about 12 to 18 a day for inflammation.
Zambroza as an antioxidant
Super Oil and Lecithin as the essential fatty acids
LoClo for the bowels
TSII for belly fat
Flax Hull Lignans to get rid of xenoestrogens
Two great books to read:
Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon
Belly Fat to Belly Flat by C.W. Randalf