Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cancer Story From Lois Age 83

Cancer Story from Lois age 83

Lois had bladder cancer for 2 years which she was treating with chemotherapy.
She did 3 rounds of chemotherapy treatments- 6 sessions each round as prescribed by her doctor. The chemo was injected into her bladder via a catheter and she had to hold the chemo in her body for a space of 2 hours while slowly rotating her body during this time.

First round of 6 sessions of chemo the cancer was throughout her bladder.
Second round of 6 sessions the cancer had progressed into her sphincter muscle.
Third round of 6 sessions there was no cancer in the sphincter muscle but there were tumors in her bladder.
At this point another set of chemotherapy treatments were prescribed. She had to do one chemotherapy treatment a week for 6 weeks. Four weeks before the completion of this round of treatments Lois started a herbal program as follows:
6 Paw Paw in the morning
4 Paw Paw at midday
6 Paw Paw at night
1 oz of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 times a day
3 Protease Plus enzymes 3 times a day on an empty stomach
2 Super Oil a day
No sugar, no pasta, no grains, no fruit juice
Lois did this herbal program for 1 month while she was finishing her chemotherapy treatments. During the last week of February, 2005 she went back to her oncologist who took biopsies all over her bladder looking for cancer. He found no signs of any cancer in her bladder. Lois no longer requires any chemotherapy treatments and she is totally grateful to the Nature Sunshine herbal program that gave her such fast results.