Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cancer the Answer is Outside the Box

Cancer? Time to Think Outside the Box

There are times we are required to think outside the box. In ancient times it was strongly believed that the world was flat and that to believe otherwise was foolish. However the young courageous Christopher Columbus totally disregarded such a belief system and “in 1492 he sailed the ocean blue.” He reached Americas and proved the world to be round. Let’s apply this analogy to cancer. Each year and for many years now, millions of dollars are donated to the medical establishment to fund cancer research and each year we are told that no cure for cancer has been found. Why, after so many years of dedicated research can scientists not find a cure for cancer? What if the answer to cancer exists outside the box of traditional orthodox methods?

Let’s be bold and courageous and explore cancer outside the box. We know that the most common early warning signs of cancer are unexplained persistent bleeding, injuries that do not heal and sudden changes in moles or other growths. These observations point to the plausible conclusion that an injury is involved in cancer. Now this injury, this break in the membrane of say the lungs, colon, breast, prostate, lymphatic system, and so on may be due to nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxins, viral growths, physical injuries, or parasites. The natural body’s response to any injury is to repair the injury. Therefore the brain sets up an electrical energy response, a“ current of injury”, and sends it along the autonomic nervous system to the injured site to make the DNA of the cells replicate. In a healthy body adjacent cells of the injured cells multiply to repair the injury and stop multiplying when the injury is repaired. Out–of–control replication occurs when the new cells fail to connect with the old cells to repair the injury.

Why are these replicated new cells rejected? Two reasons come to mind. Firstly, in order for healthy cell replication to occur it is imperative that the cells be provided with the essential building blocks. Such building blocks familiar to all of us include amino acids from proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, enzymes and oxygen. If for some reason any of these essentials are missing then healthy cell replication cannot take place. Secondly, if the immune system is in a weakened state and there is an adequate availability of glucose then microbes begin to infect the cells that are replicating. The microbes inside the cells also replicate thereby giving birth to part human, part microbial cells, which of course are rejected by the original injured membrane cells. Consequently the injury is not repaired. The “current of injury” continues with mutated cell replication and the result is cancer.

Understanding this concept it is easy to see a simple solution to a complex medical problem. First of all it is important to stop feeding the cancer cells with sugar. In 1931 Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize when he proved that fermentation of sugar causes cancer. Second, it is obvious that the body requires essential building blocks particularly minerals, enzymes, and essential fatty acids for healthy cell replication. Because of our toxic agricultural practices it is necessary to supplement the diet with quality-controlled nutrients from a reputable source to ensure purity. The other step to the cancer solution is to cleanse the microbial infestation. This can easily be accomplished by using Protease Enzymes and the herb known as Paw Paw, which claims 22 years of research from Purdue University, by Dr. McLaughlin et al. The American National Cancer Institute funded this research and today it is being used quite successfully in some cancer clinics in the US. Paw Paw and its knowledge is now available in Canada and there have been courageous Christopher Columbuses who have looked for the answer to cancer outside the box and today are cancer free .