Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opportunity Testimonials

Opportunity Testimonial
Lorene joined Nature’s Sunshine Products in 1990 because she was so impressed with the education. “ Our family has been raised on Nature’s Sunshine Products. The opportunity has been great. It provided our whole family with a very healthy income, yearly free convention packages and yearly free trips. I was able to be a stay at home Mom and enjoy our daughter as she was growing up. I received great satisfaction through helping other people and making a living doing it”
Opportunity Testimonial When I first joined Nature’s Sunshine Products I was excited about reading and learning how to take responsibility for the health of my family. My two sons were always getting sick with colds, flus and earaches. I tried the products for my boys and they worked. We did not have to use antibiotics for ear infections anymore. I decided to share this with others and sign other people up. I never really thought of it as a business. Six years ago I signed up my first business associate. Since then , for the past 5 years I have earned convention packages. My husband and I have travelled to places like Las Vegas and Whistler. This year I also earned $500 to help with travel expenses. Now my husband and I really want to grow in the business because we can help others. It is nice to know that the money I earn helps to pay for my herbs. We are now hosting meetings in our home and sending out newsletters