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Newsletter January 2009

Success Stories January, 2009 From The Desk of Donna Roth 250 764 2852

Growth at the back of the retina S
eptember 2007 ,I went for new eyeglasses and got sent to an eye specialist .Six weeks later the specialist sent me for an OTC scan. I was diagnosed with a growth on the back of my retina! He asked me to take Lutein . I started with Perfect Eyes and on my return appointment at the end of January 2008 he was confused and sent me for another OTC scan. When it came back the growth was all gone! Unheard of in his books!

Infection and no energy
I was a very sick, tired lady about 2 weeks ago in poor health, no sleep, no energy ,sick all the time, feeling blue, no hope. I have felt this way for years. I went on Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Cat’s Claw for an infection and it worked. I went to a medical doctor recently who did a full blood screen. I have a past history of thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid and ¾ parathyroid removed. My blood tests came back showing adrenal burnout. I forgot to note that I was eating junk, 4-5 cans of pepsi a day and chocolate bars/chips looking for energy. I went on a high protein diet –no wheat, no sugar, no yeast for 10 days. I took Pantothenic Acid, Adrenal Support, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic Licorice , Magnesium , Calcium and omega 3. Ten days ago I felt like 0/10 now I feel 6-7/10, more energy, starting to sleep, positive attitude, and hope for a better life. I have walked 30 minutes a day for the past 10 days and I have not exercised in years.

Sinus Infections
I used to get sinus infections at least twice a year and had to go on antibiotics. Since 2005 whenever I get sinus infection I have taken Cat’s Claw combination and I no longer have to take antibiotics. Also since taking Nature’s Sunshine vitamins, Wild Yam and Chaste ,SynerProtein and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic I have felt the best that I have ever been in over 20 years.

Four years ago I had shingles and Dr. put me on meds for a week but the continued itching was horrible. I took REX and HRP-C for one bottle each and with the Pau D’arco lotion the bumps and itch went away completely. Recently the bumps and itching have come back a couple of times with the high stress in my life and the Pau D’arco lotion has cleared it up totally within two or three days of noticing the itch and bumps.

Scar Tissue
I started on Paw Paw 2 years ago and now have had much better energy and my balance has gotten much better. The most profound difference is that scar tissue that had grown after my surgery 10 years ago is a great deal less. All the Paw Paw I take daily are 3 caps a day. This is proof to me that the Nature’s Sunshine Products really do work if taken as directed.

Energy Crash
I have had excellent energy my whole life and have been able to do and go whenever I desire without being hindered by physical or mental limits. One day I woke up and I did not have have the energy I had experienced in the previous 46 years. The next day I had even less. I did everything I knew to do but nothing seemed to make a difference for good. I could tell that at my current rate of decline I had about 2 weeks and then even my will to live would be gone. I turned to a reliable professional whom I trusted and went home with some Natures Gold Level 2, Zambroza and Chlorophyll , the Three Amigos’ Pak. I began immediately with large doses and within 2 weeks was well on the mend and continuing my daily routines. My physical and mental health was steadily improving. I would never have believed that the deficiencies my body experienced would have effected both my physical and mental health to such a debilitating degree. I am thankful to find simple , clean products that can be ingested in regular ways that make measurable differences in improving health for simple and severe conditions.

I had pains in the left side of the chest. I took Capsicum and Cat’s Claw as per the First Aid Book for bronchitis. My pain gone in 3 days. My throat is no longer sore and my sinus headache was gone. Then I felt better all over. I did the Silver Shield program, My sinuses have been clear since 3rd day. I still use 1 tsp of Silver Shield a day for maintenance.

Sleeping and cracked feet
Every night one lady mixed Aloe Vera Gel and Lavender and applied it to both of her ankles which she had previously broken.. It helped her to sleep well. “My feet are now amazing and are in incredible shape. Lavender helped to alleviate pain and swelling. It also healed the cracks on my feet.

Eye Infection
One lady had a bale of hay fall on her face and ended up with mould in her eye which led to an eye infection . From January to July she went to specialists with no correction. She then discovered Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield. She 2 drops of Silver Shield in her eye and used 1 teaspoon per day internally. The eye infection cleared right up.

A little puppy dog had a cataract in one eye. Brenda put Silver Shield Gel over the eye and one drop of silver Shield into the eye. She also gave the dog some Silver Shield into his mouth one time per day. The cataract cleared up in 6 days….Dr. Pederson’s program for cataracts is as follows: 3 drops of Silver Shield 2 times a day into the eye and 2 tsps of Silver Shield 2 times a day and Perfect Eyes, 2 twice a day for one week. The eyes will improve very quickly.

One lady ended up with severe laryngitis. She took Silver Shield , 3 tablespoons a day and HRPC liquid, 1 teaspoon every 3 hours. It was gone within 3 days.
Comment about Donna’s presentations “You present it in such a wonderful way that everyone realizes that they do not need to be a doctor to understand it.”

Bad cold, flu, fever and coughing
One person was suffering from terrible flu like symptoms , the head was stuffed and the nose was plugged. She put drops of Silver Shield into the nose 3 times a day and took 3 tablespoons of Silver Shield 3 times a day, Cat’s Claw, 4 four times a day, and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. Within one week all symptoms were dissipated.

One year ago one lady ended up with a bad could and sinusitis. Her ears were very painful. The medical clinic said there was nothing they could do to help. One week later she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and took medication for it for one and one half years with little improvement to the symptoms, in desperation she tried a herbal program. She took Silver Shield, 2 teaspoons , two times a day, Chinese Mineral Chi tonic, 2 ounces per day and about 6 Pantothenic Acid to help her sleep. She also sprayed Silver Shield into her nose 3 to 5 times a day. Within one week she was blowing out blobs of mucus and coughing up gobs of phlegm. She noticed a vast improvement in her health in that week and the Bell’s Palsy symptoms are abated.

Baby’s Ear Infection
One 6 month old baby had a chronic ear infection, 3 different antibiotics and cortisone drops were used to no avail. The grandma purchased Silver Shield and put 4 drops into the ear with an eyedropper 3 times per day. She also gave the baby drops of Silver Shield into the mouth. Within 30 hours the baby totally improved . There was no more green stuff coming out of the ear and no more pain. This program was continued for 4 more days to insure that all the infection was gone.

Lung-Lymphatic Cancer
In October 2007 Mel became very ill with food poisoning. A few months later he under went a gall bladder surgery and ended up with an infection from the surgery. It was at this point that he was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer and Cancerous spots on his lungs. He purchased a copy of Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual by Donna Roth and started on the Cancer program in June 2008. His program included: Paw Paw- 9 per day; Protease Plus- 3 three times a day; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic- 1 ounce 3 times a day; Zambroza- 1 ounce a day; TNT and SynerProtein Shakes, Flax Lignans- `1 scoop a day; Natures Gold Barley- 1 tablespoon per day; Super Oil-3 two times a day. He ate hormone free meat, free range farm frees eggs, locally grown vegetables . In the fall of 2008 he returned to the Oncologist and the x-ray reports showed that the spots in the lungs were almost gone. The doctor was amazed at Mel’s health , especially since Mel refused Chemotherapy. Mel also lost 8 pounds and his wife lost 8 pound because she followed the same diet with him. Here is her recipe for Coconut Crepes : 2 tbsp of coconut flour; 1/3 cup of coconut milk; 2 eggs; tablespoon of coconut oil melted; celtic salt ; stevia.

Sinus congestion
One man had terrible sinus congestion for 25 years. He could not dance because he could not breathe. He did a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, SN-X; Cats Claw; and ULC-R to clear up H-Pylori bacteria in his stomach. Within a short time his nose was running, he was ready to ditch the program but his wife insisted that he pursue it to the end and that the program was working. Today he is vey happy because he can breathe through his nose and can once more dance.

Strep Throat
One lady ended up with a strep throat , a high fever. She did the following program; ALC- 4 four times a day; HRP-C-4 four times a day; and used a Silver Shield spritzer into the throat many times a day. In four days she beat the problem with no antibiotics and she did not get pneumonia.

Insomnia and burning feet
One lady suffered with terrible feet problems- burning, painful feet. She used 4 Pantothenic Acid in the morning and 4 at night along with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. The next day there was already great relief in her feet and she has slept well and has not been bothered since.

Severe Pain in the feet and back of the toes
For 10 months Sharon suffered with severe pain in the feet and the back of her toes . It was so sore that she would be in tears and could not walk. She used Flax Seed Oil- 4 a day; Vitamin C; Vitamin E; and Pantothenic Acid- 6 a day. She knew it would take time for the tissues to repair. Within 2 months she noticed a huge improvement.

A sick dog
One 12 year old German Shepherd become very sick. He did not want to play or even go for a walk. He was given HRP-C from a spoon and one tsp of Silver Shield 2 times a day. He drank water with Silver Shield in it. Within 6 days he was back to his normal self.

Very bad cold
One man congested sinuses , congested lungs and was coughing for one month. On a Tuesday he started a program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic- 3 ounces a day; Cats Claw- 4 two times a day. By Friday he was feeling better the cough was gone and the brightness returned to his eyes.

Calcium deposits and pain in the joints
One lady had calcium deposits at the back of her ankles and suffered form excruciating pain. She went to see her doctor for help but to no avail. She therefore did a herbal program which included Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz , Super Oil 4 two times a day, Evening Primrose Oil 3, Pantothenic Acid 6, Cat’s Claw 9 and Hydrangea 6 a day. Within 2 days the pain totally went away.

Diaper Rash
One baby ended up with a serious diaper rash. Mother opened up 2 capsules of Acidophilus and mixed it into the food and fed it to Baby. She also gave Baby 1tsp of Silver Shield twice a day and applied Silver Gel to the affected area. The rash cleared up in 8 hours.

Abscessed Tooth
An abscessed tooth was cleared up within 3 days by taking Silver Shield 1 tsp four times a day and holding it in the mouth for 6 minutes.

Sinus infection
A sinus infection was cleared within 4 days by spraying Silver Shield 5 times a day right into the nose using an atomizer.

Sinus Infection
One man took 6 capsules a day of SN-X and sprayed Silver Shield into the nose several times a day. Within 2 days the infection was gone.

A man in his mid 50’s had suffered from Psoriasis since he was 15 years old. He had to deal with big ugly weepy sores that were very painful and no amount of creams could clear it up. He went on an herbal program of Chlorophyll, Psyllium Hulls , Digestive Enzymes, Oregon Grape and LIV-C for the liver. He has be4en on this program since Feb/2008 and his skin totally cleared up.

A bad case of Gingivitis was put to rest by brushing the teeth with Tea Tree Oil twice a day. The dentist could not believe the improvement in the health of the gums.

High blood sugar
One man who had a serious heart condition and diabetes was scheduled to go to Vancouver for surgery. However his blood sugar went totally out of control and the doctors were not able to stabilize the high blood sugar and had written him off. Tom had a bottle of Chlorophyll /water and offered it to this man. Within 1 1/2 days the blood sugar dropped to 11.0 . The doctors were totally bewildered and wanted to know what this man had done. The surgery was successful and 4 days later this man was walking the streets.

One man had advanced Parkinson’s Disease to the point that he was only mobile with the use of a wheel chair. He also had a bad fungus infection in his toe. Through the advice of a Nature’s Sunshine consultant he started taking Silver Shield 1 T twice a day. Within one week he was able to walk using a walker and within 2 ½ months he was out of his wheel chair raking leaves in his back yard.

Genital herpes was cleared up in 2 days by taking Silver Shield 1 tsp. 3 times a day and applying silver Gel into the affected area.

One lady had a horrific earache on the left side. She put 3 to 4 drops of Silver Shield into the ear , tilted the head and held it there for 6 minutes . As she did this she could feel the bubbling inside the earcanal. Then she repeated this process with the other ear. She followed this procedure twice a day for 2 days at which time the earache was gone.

One lady just could not fall asleep. She was always on the edge and jerky. So she started to take Pantothenic Acid 4 capsules during the day and 4 a bedtime. At first the symptoms got worse and donna Roth advised her to “hand in there “ and that you get worse before you get better. Then one day soon after it happened. She fell asleep at bedtime and slept for 6 hours without ever waking up.

One elderly gentleman would get Psoriasis on his hands every fall and spring . He tried various creams throughout the years but nothing worked. The skin outbreaks would swell and crack and become very itchy and painful. Finally he decide d to try Silver Gel. He would apply it to the affected areas about 2 to 3 times day. At first the pain and swelling got worse and the weeping got worse. But he pursued the Silver Gel application. A few days later the pain, the swelling and the itch all subsided and the skin healed beautifully.

Lung Infection
One man would get a chest infection twice a year which lasted for 5-6 weeks and each time he would take antibiotics . This time his wife advised him to try Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and Cat’s Claw 6 a day. Within one week the infection was totally gone without the use of antibiotics.

Bladder Infection
One lady called Donna Roth one Saturday in desperation. She was certain she was getting a bladder infection and wanted to know what to do. The answer was Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and Cat’s Claw 8 that day. She also drank Chlorophyll /water . Within 48 hours the infection was gone ! No antibiotics !

Megan was 18 years old and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes with a blood sugar reading of 25.9 . She was told by her doctor that she would have to start insulin shots immediately .Megan told her doctor there was a natural route and that she was going to pursue it instead. The doctor felt quite comfortable with Megan’s choice. Megan’s symptoms included fatigue, frequent urination, blurred vision, tingling hands almost to the point of vibration and thirsty. She drank so much water it was hurting her stomach. She was very upset at this point, crying, feeling hopelessness, upset, full of fear, and diseased. She decided that she would visit Donna Roth. This is where Megan totally changed her diet and eliminated sugar, wheat, yeast and noticed that her blood sugar dropped to 13.3 just with the diet change. Then she started a herbal program of P14 2 capsules with each meal and 2 a bedtime, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, Super Oil 4 /2 times a day, Cat’s Claw 3/2 times a day and Silver Shield 2 oz a day. In 5 days the blood sugar dropped to 6.8 well within the normal range. Megan was ecstatic and said,” I think everyone should be on herbs and that sicknesses in our society can be resolved through herbs and diet.” Then Megan related other wonderful consequences as a result of her program. She had been wearing glasses since Grade 7. But on the third day of this program she noticed that she had a headache all day and that when she sat down to read she could not focus on the words. She therefore removed her contact lenses and to her pleasant surprise she was able to read without contacts. Megan also lost 7 pounds and her constant barrage of yeast infection have gone !

One Lady’s Myriad of Success Stories
“Our family would be a disaster without Nature’s Sunshine programs. I would have been in the hospital without a gallbladder but I changed my diet and used Hydrangea and I still have my gallbladder. My daughter would have been on birth control pills and without a gallbladder but instead she did the same program I did and use Women’s formula, Essential Liquid Minerals and BWL-BLD and she continues to have a gall bladder. Megan would have been on insulin but she did the P14 program and her blood sugar levels are under control. I used to have a case of Strep throat at least once a year and I would have lived on antibiotics but now instead I use the Cat’s Claw program. My brother had Shingles and would have had to suffer for 6 months because the doctor told him it would take that long to heal but he used HRP-C, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, RE-X for nerve pain and Pau d’Arco lotion and the Shingles healed up on 1 ½ weeks. I know herbal programs work. They work 100% of the time.”
Opportunity Testimonial Lorene joined Nature’s Sunshine Products in 1990 because she was so impressed with the education. “ Our family has been raised on Nature’s Sunshine Products. The opportunity has been great. It provided our whole family with a very healthy income, yearly free convention packages and yearly free trips. I was able to be a stay at home Mom and enjoy our daughter as she was growing up. I received great satisfaction through helping other people and making a living doing it”

Opportunity Testimonial
When I first joined Nature’s Sunshine Products I was excited about reading and learning how to take responsibility for the health of my family. My two sons were always getting sick with colds, flus and earaches. I tried the products for my boys and they worked. We did not have to use antibiotics for ear infections anymore. I decided to share this with others and sign other people up. I never really thought of it as a business. Six years ago I signed up my first business associate. Since then , for the past 5 years I have earned convention packages. My husband and I have travelled to places like Las Vegas and Whistler. This year I also earned $500 to help with travel expenses. Now my husband and I really want to grow in the business because we can help others. It is nice to know that the money I earn helps to pay for my herbs. We are now hosting meetings in our home and sending out newsletters.

Investing in your health is the best goal you can make for you and your family in 2009. The above success stories are most motivating and I invite you to join me in this incredible miraculous Nature’s Sunshine movement, a business of health, wealth , treasured education and happiness. Happy New Year To All