Thursday, July 23, 2009

Head Pains

One man had developed pains in his head. He had experienced similar pains in the past which had been corrected with a chiropractic adjustment. So he went to the chiropractor and was adjusted but was advised that his vertebrae were not really out of place. The pains did not go away . After several more days of pains he had a Zyto scan done. The scan showed that he needed to take Lobelia, Yeast Fungal Detox and Lecithin capsules along with his regular program of Psyllium Seeds and LB-X. Muscle testing indicated that there was yeast in the area near his right ear so he also did the Silver Shield protocol- 1 bottle the 1st day, ½ bottle each of the next 2 days and a 3rd bottle spread over 4 days. He also dripped Silver Shield into his ears . Within 3 days the pains subsided and have been gone ever since.