Thursday, July 23, 2009


Infected Bloody Itching Anal Area and Scrotum

One man suffered with an infection in the anal area and scrotum area. It was difficult for him to sleep or stand or sit because of the pain and itch and swelling. There was bleeding in the area even onto the bed sheets. It was extremely uncomfortable, inflamed red and the skin was peeling off. The man was mentally and physically drained. He determined to see Donna Roth and to follow a herbal protocol. He quit using wheat products, sugary foods, juice and milk. He took Cats Claw -5/2 times a day and Mineral Chi Tonic . Silver Shield Gel was applied to the area 3 times a day . He noticed a significant difference in 3 days . The skin had turned pink and the swelling , soreness and itching had stopped.