Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newsletter August 2009

Herbal Testimonials

It’s way cheaper to stay healthy than to buy medicine !
What price is your health ?
You don’t appreciate your health until you don’t have it.

Skin rash One lady had red itchy blistery type spots on her skin that looked like psoriasis. She applied Pau D’Arco lotion and Silver Gel to the affected areas about twice a day and they were gone within 2 weeks. She found when the skin was really itchy she would apply the lotion more often and found that the itchiness totally subsided. She also used the Pau d’Arco lotion to her brown liver spots and the spots disappeared.

Pain in Shoulder One lady experienced a strange pain like a hot knife piercing her shoulder blade and going through her right breast causing breast tenderness. At times it traveled down the right arm and caused tingling fingers. The pain was so severe that she had to resort to pain killers. She then decided that she would pursue an herbal program and she took : Cat’s Claw 4/2times a day, RE-X 4/2 times a day, Mineral Chi Tonic 2 T a day, Zambroza 2 T a day and Herbal Ca. Within 10 days the pain cleared up and she is now sleeping well without any pain.
Hot Flashes One lady found that taking Collatrim 6 / 2 times a day kept those annoying hot flashes away.

Shingles A very painful case of Shingles was cleared up by using HRP-C about 4 /.3 times a day, RE-X 4/2 times a day and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day.
Infected Gum One dog had an infected tooth with sore red gums. About a quarter of an eyedropper of Silver Shield was applied to the affected gum twice a day . In two days the gum was healed and the dog was eating again without any pain.

Asthma One man takes SN-X 2 a day in the morning and finds that it controls the wheeziness he usually gets from asthma. He also takes 2 T of Mineral Chi Tonic a day along with Chlorophyll/water and 2 T Zambroza. He has also done a program of Marshmallow /Pepsin, Bifidophlius and Papaya Mint and reports that he has not had to take any asthma inhalers now for 4 years.

Cholesterol One lady was diagnosed with a high cholesterol problem and her program for 6 months included Cholester Reg11, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Lecithin, ULC-R for a troubled stomach and KB-C for the kidneys. She then had her cholesterol levels checked one more time and the cholesterol levels are now back down to normal.

Breast Cancer Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept. / 2007 and she was told she would have to go on a 6 month waiting list for surgery. She was frantic. But her son introduced her to a healthy eating plan with no sugar, no yeast, no wheat, and to the Paw Paw program as outlined in Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury , Manual by Donna Roth. Linda took 8 Paw Paw a day along with Protease Plus on an empty stomach, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, and Super Oil. Drinking coffee was replaced with Green Tea. She also worked on the Scio with her son. When Linda was called to have surgery she underwent a series of 12 x -rays looking for the tumours but the doctor could not find any cancer or tumours. However she was convinced by her doctor that surgery was a necessary step and reluctantly she agreed to have breast surgery. The surgical procedure led to yet another problem . Within a few days Linda noticed a pink spot in the surgical area that soon turned to red and she was told that now she had a staph infection. Linda applied Silver Gel to the staph infection many times a day and the infection cleared up in 6 days. Looking back at this situation Linda soon realized that the breast surgery was really not necessary at all and that there was a lot of stressful scare tactics placed upon her to have surgery. She wonders what was found in the surgery when in fact she was told that the x rays showed that there were no tumours at all in the breast area. Today she is cancer free.

Skin Cancer One day in January , 2009 one man noticed a skin outbreak and this skin condition soon progressed to a very serious looking boil type itchy painful rash. A visit to the doctor told him that he had a case of skin cancer. The doctor was thanked for the diagnosis and this man went home to start a very serious herbal cancer program. The program included Paw Paw 12 a day, Protease Plus on an empty stomach. Super Oil about 4 a day, Silver Shield Liquid 3 tsp a day. Every day several times a day Silver Gel and Pau d’Arco lotion were applied to the rash to alleviate the itch. This procedure continued for 4 months and in May , 2009 the skin condition was totally cleared up.

Head Pains One man had developed pains in his head. He had experienced similar pains in the past which had been corrected with a chiropractic adjustment. So he went to the chiropractor and was adjusted but was advised that his vertebrae were not really out of place. The pains did not go away . After several more days of pains he had a Zyto scan done. The scan showed that he needed to take Lobelia, Yeast Fungal Detox and Lecithin capsules along with his regular program of Psyllium Seeds and LB-X. Muscle testing indicated that there was yeast in the area near his right ear so he also did the Silver Shield protocol- 1 bottle the 1st day, ½ bottle each of the next 2 days and a 3rd bottle spread over 4 days. He also dripped Silver Shield into his ears . Within 3 days the pains subsided and have been gone ever since.
Back Pain One woman woke up during her sleep with extreme back pain and could not sleep. She took 6 capsules of RE-X and within 45 minutes the pain subsided. The pain relief lasted for 6 hours then the pain returned. She took 6 more RE-X . This time the pain was relieved for 9 hours before it returned once more. She took 6 more RE-X then went to physiotherapy where 3 vertebrae were out of place, ribs was twisted and the tail bone out of whack. The physiotherapy corrected these misalignments and she is now pain free. RE-X works for pain relief!

Heart Palpitations and Low Energy Levels: One lady lacked energy and experienced heart palpitations. She took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Super Omega 3 capsules and Magnesium in small amounts. She reduced her wine intake. Within 2 months her normal high energy was restored and the heart palpitations were gone.

Infected Bloody Itching Anal Area and Scrotum One man suffered with an infection in the anal area and scrotum area. It was difficult for him to sleep or stand or sit because of the pain and itch and swelling. There was bleeding in the area even onto the bed sheets. It was extremely uncomfortable, inflamed red and the skin was peeling off. The man was mentally and physically drained. He determined to see Donna Roth and to follow a herbal protocol. He quit using wheat products, sugary foods, juice and milk. He took Cats Claw -5/2 times a day and Mineral Chi Tonic . Silver Shield Gel was applied to the area 3 times a day . He noticed a significant difference in 3 days . The skin had turned pink and the swelling , soreness and itching had stopped.

Severe Psoriasis One man had a severe outbreak of psoriasis on his hands. He woke one morning to find that his hands were cracked and bleeding in at least 60 cracks. He could not use his hand for anything. This was very painful and irritating. One of the treatments that he used was Pau D’Arco lotion over Silver Shield Gel. Within 3 days his hands were healed up to the point that his finger prints had reappeared, something that he had not seen for a long time. He is now working in his garden and using his hands with no pain or swellings or itch.