Sunday, October 14, 2012

#100 One Person’s Account of Drug Therapy

One truck driver was prescribed Lipitor for high cholesterol, antidepressants and Adavan. Here is  his story. “ Half the time I was in Zombie land. One day while driving a truck I was thinking to myself, when am I going to reach Williams Lake when a sign glared me in the face that here I was through Williams Lake ! Another time I accidently hit a building in broad daylight and tore the bumper off my truck because I had a hard time judging the distance. I couldn’t judge the cars coming towards me . I had to quit driving. My eyes were so sore that I could hardly see. I was having a full meal just on pills taking 6 meds at one time. My anger levels increased and I would lose my temper. All my truck driving friends were all good guys and yet I would fly off the handle with them. I am amazed they forgave me.”  Today this man is off all medications and he resorts to Power Shakes with Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, and Green Zone . He has done the kidney flush a few times and he also takes Cat’s Claw combination and K.  What a difference taking high dense nutrition has made to his life !