Sunday, October 14, 2012

 # 97 Lost 15 Pounds

One lady with overweight problems eliminated all grains, sugars and legumes . She started eating meats, eggs, fish, lots of vegetables, and cabbage. She also  commited herself  to a half  hour walk every day. In the morning she took 4 capsules of  ART-A and 2 Everflex to keep her joints supple , 2 capsules of  Passion Flower and  2 B complex  for a healthy nervous system and 1 tablet of Vit C Time Release to strengthen the immune system.. In the afternoon she took 4 ART-A,  2 Mg and 1 Cal/Mag Plus. With every meal she took 1 Chromium, and Fat Grabbers. She also drank a lot of water. She limited her coffee intake to 1 cup a day. Within a month she was happy to report that she lost 15 pounds and that she feels really good.