Friday, November 27, 2020

Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer)


Health Success Story (Jody; 49-yr-old female; metastatic breast cancer):

 I am a 49 year old female diagnosed with Stage IIIb breast cancer in 2016 following which I underwent a double mastectomy.  There were multiple spots on my lungs as well that showed up on a CT Scan but it was not confirmed to be metastatic until I underwent a lung biopsy in the fall of 2018.  Somehow I got up the courage to say no to the conventional chemotherapy as was recommended following the mastectomy along with 5 weeks of radiation.  The challenge for me back then was I wanted quality of life and I cannot explain why but I just didn’t believe it would help me.  It made me sick to my stomach the thought of injecting the chemo.  I did agree however to try the hormone therapy medications such as Tamoxifen and Letrozole.  I struggled with the side effects of these meds throughout and ending up stopping them as well.  When the lung metasticies was finally confimed in the fall of 2018, my oncologist recommended Ibrance and Faslodex combination.  Ibrance being a selective chemotherapy pill and Faslodex a hormone related medication.  I began this program in January 2019 with the proviso of seeing how well I would tolerate it. I immediately struggled with the side effects which included stomach issues (i.e. cramps, stomach aches, diarrhea), nausea, fatigue, hand/foot joint pain and found myself having to take even more medications for the side effects.  I ended up having to take a lot of breaks from the cancer meds to settle things down.  I was continuing to be assessed throughout with CT Scans and had some change but all was fairly minimal, suggesting the program may indeed be helping slow the cancer progression.  I was trying different ways of boosting my energy with better nutrition, avoiding sugar, green supplements and ozone therapy.  But unfortunately the side effects from the medications continued and it didn’t seem like my body was adjusting to it.

 Then in December of 2019, I joined the TAFYH program.  Through TAFYH I was able to focus on taking the right supplements for my symptoms and commit to a more regular exercise routine.  I completed the one-day bowel cleanse, the one-day kidney flush and the three-day liver cleanse.  I did my ionic breathing, chlorophyll water and drank my smoothies every morning.  Supplements included Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, Probiotic II, Flax hull Lignans, Ultrabiome DTX, Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw, Master G and TS II.   I was also doing about 60 minutes of exercise a day (combination of yoga, strength training and aerobics).  In the spring, summer and fall I also ride horses regularly but not so much during the cold winter months.  I did conduct the Navarro test which tested positive for cancer in mid December.  With my confidence in how I was feeling and trusting my own body, I decided to stop taking all prescription medications which included the chemo meds as well as all the ones I was taking for side effects.

 At the end of TAFYH, I went from reducing my body systems score from 46 to 8.  I successfully eliminated almost all of my symptoms and finally had energy again.  What a difference!  Getting my digestive system back on track was a big win as had suffered from IBS all my life. I also used to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  But not anymore.  And I finally had way more energy than I can ever recall.  It’s changed my life and now feel like I’m actually living again.  I will continue with the Navarro test and see how things are going on the cancer progression.  But really I have all the confidence that if I’m feeling this great, then my body can handle anything.