Friday, November 27, 2020

My Health Plan for my Future Good Health February 2020 by Lillian


My Health Plan for my Future Good Health February 2020 by Lillian


I continue to walk, use small weights and have added floor exercises. Exercise is so important for good health. Movement keeps the body functions moving also. Cat’s Claw for lymphatic drainage has been a mainstay of mine for several years. My muscle movements are effortless now, I am not stiff, unsteady, or unsure. I run up and down stairs and walk with a rapid gait easily already.


I have eliminated processed foods, grains, legumes, milk and sugar from my diet. I eat fresh, certified organic whole vegetables, some fruits and berries, and always free range, pasture-raised and finished meats and eggs as much as possible. I supplement the nutritional deficiencies with my morning smoothies. These contain the colors Red, Mineral Chi Tonic always, and Solstic energy occasionally. To strengthen the Chinese Fire element, I take the supplement HS-C, which is also red. Also in the smoothie is Flax Hull Lignans, as well as Collatrim Plus for the white color. Blueberries and water are the blue color in it also. I drink chlorophyll water which is the green color between meals to help with blood purifying and to discourage parasites. I eat a lot of greens daily as well. And I will be adding Green Zone to my smoothies as well.  I take Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 as well.


For the bowel cleanse, I use psyllium hulls combination with LBSII. I also have done the kidney cleanse which I will be doing weekly now for several weeks. I  have also done the liver flush and gall bladder cleanse. My intention is to continue cleanses in the following weeks and months.



Digestive – I use and have taken Probiotic11, Protease Plus, Garden Essence. I don’t have H pylori, which would introduce ULC-R.

Intestinal Aid - Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBSII as in the bowel cleanse is used.

Circulatory – I will be doing the MC oral chelation for several months along with CoQ10 plus UltraBiomeDTX later. I have also added Colostrum, another favourite of mine.

Nerves - Zerenity, Focus ATN. Stress Pack has helped a family member greatly also.

Immune - Cat’s Claw always. I call it Mother Nature’s Antibiotic. Also I will add CurQMin, and if ever necessary, Pawpaw.

Respiratory – has greatly improved, but will use AL-J and SN-X for the sinuses as well.

Urinary - I used KB-C and K for the Kidney cleanse and will continue this for several weeks.

Glandular – my old standby, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

Structural – I take Collatrim and KB-C, and will add Herbal CA, and Art-A if necessary (arthritis).