Friday, November 27, 2020

TAFYH Success Stories by Lillian February 2020 for Completion Ceremony


 I got through this January completely healthy, not as the last 2 years.

Two years ago in January I had a mystery cough that lasted for about 3 weeks before it completely disappeared. Last January is explained shortly.


Physical and visual improvements

  1. No longer have cold hands and feet all the time (Yay thyroid)
  2. varicose veins have visibly lessened and are soft
  3. forgetfulness is improving
  4. immune system better as there is more energy upon wakening from a lovely,

 solid sleep. I have energy to last the day.

  1. my metabolism is remarkable compared to when I was a child.
  2. kidneys/bladder system improving thanks to the kidney flush and KB-C
  3. asthma symptoms improved
  4. skin not as dry as before I started TAFYH
  5. sinus congestion greatly improved
  6. body temperature improved by 1.1 degree to normal 98.6


Some of BSQ scores improved also. Digestion from 3 to 2, Hepatic from 6 to 5, Intestinal stayed at 1, Respiratory stayed at 2, Urinary from 2 to 1, Circulation stayed at 2, Nerves from 4 to 2, Glandular from 4 to 3, Structural stayed at 2, Immune from 4 to 3, Reproductive from 2 to 0. The score went from 32 to 23.

As continuation of the January dilemma above, I had an emergency over a year ago when I was in Arizona for a family birthday party. I got sick, fainted for the first time in my life, went to the hospital emergency in an ambulance for the first time in my life, was seen by a doctor, gave blood samples, had a chest x-ray, EKG. The first responders kept saying they had never seen anyone as healthy as me for my age. The emergency doctor said the same thing. (I am 75.) The only thing they found was that my sodium was low and this was after a bag of saline solution was administered in the ambulance. I later found out that this was what caused the fainting.

And I had a “slight touch of pneumonia in my lower right lobe”. I had not had pneumonia for decades!! When I got home I got back on my Cat’s Claw, Chi Tonic, and vitamins, etc., and was better in no time. I would probably not have been sick if I had taken twice as many herbs with me. My sister got sick first and I gave her my herbs; she got better and then I got sick. I have been healthy so far this winter and it is my intention to stay that way and improve my health as much as possible.

 1. Body temperature noted in number 10 above.

2. BSQ score went from 32 to 23.

3. The Candida Saliva test results:

The first one in early December showed everything dropping to the bottom within 15 minutes and staying there.

The second one showed some dropping to the bottom and some staying at the top.

I took that to be an indication of going in the right direction.