Friday, November 25, 2011

Back Pain, Kidney Problem

41. Back pain / Kidney Problem

John had an excruciating pain in the lower back in the area of the kidney. His first gesture was to immediately call an ambulance. “ All they did , recalls John, “ is to give me a pain killer.” Now this just did not fix the problem and this same type of pain appeared a short time later. With the first experience in mind John simply took the pain killer without calling the ambulance as he stated, “ this is something I can do myself without their help.” The third time the pain appeared John decided the answer to the problem is definitely not a pain killer. This time his wife entered into the picture. As we all know wives usually have the wisdom it takes to solve many unsolved problems. However we also all know that two heads are better than one. Upon contemplation in regards to this issue his very wise wife gave John the answer,” Just call Donna Roth.” Wow what a brilliant idea ! Now enters Donna Roth with her vast amount of experience and analyses the situation. “ John, would you do the one day herbal kidney cleanse?” John with a willing heart and an opened mind emphatically replied, “Of course!” Shortly thereafter the necessary products appeared from Nature’s Sunshine and with Donna’s well defined instructions John began his new adventure.

I glass of water with some lemon juice

Combination K – 2 capsules to help the kidneys with the cleansing process.

Hydrangea - 1 capsules to dissolve any kidney stones that may be present.

Marshmallow – 2 capsules to coat the inner lining of the kidney ureter

Two hours later repeat the above process but with Chlorophyll and water instead.

Repeat this process until by the end of the day you will have taken about 10 glasses of water .

This was a day of cleansing for John. He frequented the bathroom many times on the day of Oct. 4/11

The consequence of this story is significant. John has not had a severe back pain since.