Friday, November 25, 2011

Emotional Stress and Surgical Pain

37. Emotional Stress and Surgical Pain

One lady ended up with excruciating pain after a knee surgery. She refused to take pain medication because the medication would make her very sick. She was in a desperate situation feeling overwhelmed. anxious and worried. “ It’s an awful feeling when you have pain after knee surgery and you don’t know whither you are coming or going. I had reached the end of my tether and I didn’t know what to do.” In her final desperation she looked at the Nature’s Sunshine catalogue. In studying the pages she came across Stress Pak. She picked up the phone an dialled Nature’s Sunshine at 1 800 265 9163 and ordered a Stress Pak. “ What have I got to lose ?” Within a short time the Stress Pak arrived and she began to take the little packets of Stress Pak which contained all kinds of marvellous herbal formulas designed specifically to alleviate physical pain and emotional stress. Within days of taking several paks of Stress Pak the anxiety , worry, and despair disappeared and the pain subsided; but most of all it became tolerable. “ It’s amazing as to how much better I feel. I am back to my old self.”