Friday, November 25, 2011

Newsletter December 2011

From the Desk of Donna Roth December 2011 Newsletter
Do You Have a Pathway to Health?
From Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ,Alice was following a path through a forest in Wonderland when she came across a division in the pathway. There were two directions. She began to wonder which pathway she should choose when out of nowhere appeared a Cheshire Cat. She inquired of the Cheshire Cat the pathway she should take whereupon the Cat asked," Where do you want to go?” Alice replied," “I don't know!" “Then,” said that cat," it really doesn't matter does it!" For us as seekers of health on this Earth whether we want to sustain our present good health or we want to regain our health from some diagnosed disease the pathway we should take does matter.
There are no two directions to health. How grateful I am to have discovered the pathway to health and furthermore how grateful I am to the many others who, before me, have shown me the way. The health pathways are available to each and every one of us if we would but open our hearts to receive that simple message of health. Recently in doing a health presentation to a group of young adults the question was asked," What is health?" All answers were very vague and uncertain. Now if we do not understand the meaning of health it follows that we would not know which pathway we should choose to regain health . Let's look at Suzanne Somers author of many health related books. Even though Suzzanne was afflicted with cancer, today she is alive and well radiating with health because she chose the pathway of high dense quality nutritional and plant supplements. If only our past NDP leader Jack Layton had known this. If only our past Steve Jobs would have known this. Suzanne Somers understood health well .She knew that health is simply the manifestation of life. To be healthy is to be filled with the power of the life force, of vitality. Where does this vital force come from? It comes from light, from sunlight. Plants absorb the light of the sun, the water from the earth and the carbon dioxide from the air and through the process of photosynthesis convert the well-known elements from Earth as listed on our Periodical Table into living forms of minerals that give life force and vitality and energies to our bodies. Carbon Dioxide plus Water plus Elements equals Carbohydrates plus Oxygen Health then comes from nutrition and nutrition is plant food and animal food that import life energy to our bodies. As long as there is life energy the body has the capacity to affect healing. Healing is a function of the forces of life and light working inside our bodies. Healing never comes from outside the body, not from drugs, not from vaccinations, not from chemotherapy etc. Only the life force within our bodies can ever heal anything. Therefore health is vibrating life elements within us moving to provide us energy. It follows then that disease is the result of the loss of the vibrating life energy. Knowing the pathway to health is so very empowering and for those who have found this pathway health will be their lasting reward. And there have been many who in the past had been afflicted with serious degenerative conditions ,who have chosen the pathway of health and today live with abundance of life and energy sharing this pathway with those who have opened their hearts and minds. I think of Diane ,a pianist, who 25 years ago was forced to give up her passion of playing piano because she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Did she choose to succumb to the pits of despair? No. She chose the life force pathway eating life giving foods and Nature’s Sunshine herbals. As I write she has been free of any symptoms of MS for over 20 years. Then I think of the hundred plus, many mentioned in my book ,Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury who no longer have cancer .They chose the pathway of health ,the pathway of life force foods using Nature’s Sunshine herbals. I think of Sheena, at 25 years old, who was given only two months to live, with her second bout of cancer in 1998. Today she is alive and well and radiant in energy because she chose the pathway of life force, the pathway of health and used a Nature’s Sunshine Herbal program. I think of Deb up there in the mountains suffering from a serious infected wound and blood poisoning from a dog bite. What did she rely on to clear up her infection? It was Natures Sunshine Cat’s Claw Combination and Silver Guard. Within two days her serious infection was totally cleared up.
Is it not time that we , too, come to know what health is? Is it not time that we start to empower our bodies with vitality and that life force that can provide strength and healing to our bodies? Is it not time that we share that message to empower others, our families, our friends, our neighbors to do the same, to understand this vital formula. Plants equals Life Force equals Vitality equals Health Choosing the pathway to health means” Your home is the clinic and you are the medic! “
Your home, the clinic, requires some essential items.
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, a powerful vital mineral beverage from plant sources that light all electrical structures in your body.
Cat’s Claw Combination opens up the lymphatic system and clears up all kinds of congestion and nasty infections.
Silver Guard kills microbial , viral , fungal and bacterial infections. Silver in its nano particle state is able to make stem cells in your bloodstream.
ArgininePlus , a new product are sparks of amino acids to enhance circulation and prevent aging.
Super Trio pocket ready convenient packs of vitamin, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants
Stress Pack for those times of shock, trauma, or stressed.
Chlorophyll that hemoglobin manufacturer for your blood. It comes in capsules or liquid.
Tei Fu Oil provides instant relief for dry , sore throats.
To be, the" medic" requires a bit of time to do one or more of the following:
1.Call Donna Roth at 250-764-2852
2 .Become a member of Nature,s Sunshine and receive a free bottle of Silver Guard and free education from Update and Educate. Your e-mail address is required here. If you place an order you also receive a free bottle of Chlorophyll. Then you will be privy to a library of fact sheets and to an incredible resource Center.
3. Attend the Donna Roth's teleconference call every Monday at 5:45 PM.
Call 760-569-7676 access code 972723#
4. Purchase a copy of the Donna Roth book entitled Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury new edition $30 at . To date 3500 copies of this book are in circulation.
5. Purchase a copy of Mud Pies, sugar free, grain free, dairy free recipes $25.Here is a Christmas treat:
Almond Cookies
1 cup almond butter
1 egg
1/3 cup xylitol
Roll into balls at 350° for 10 min.

6. Register for the upcoming Donna Roth courses:
Muscle Testing January 19, 20, 21
Basic Iridology Feb. 23, 24, 25

7. Attend the evening presentation with Dr. Jay , Tuesday , Feb. 7, 2011
8.Do a Health Analysis on

8 Become a business assoc. of Nature’s Sunshine and make health your business. Training if free and fun

May Christmas bring light and love to you and to your families across the nations. May you be inspired to touch the hearts of the many others searching for solutions to their health.
Merry Christmas,
Donna Roth