Saturday, December 24, 2011

Breast Cancer Gone - Paw Paw Program

48. Paw Paw Success Story for Breast Cancer Dec. 13, 2011-
P resides in the country of France. On Feb. 28/2011 P was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors made her feel that this was an emergency and that without surgery and chemotherapy there was no hope. April 5/2011 P had a surgery to remove a lump from her breast. In the middle of May she started her chemotherapy treatments. She had 4 rounds of chemo and she did not want any more. They were awful and she did not want this poisoning dumped into her body. July 4 , 2011 was her last chemo treatment. She told the doctor she would not have any radiation treatments an d she refused hormone treatments as well. “I had to stand up to the doctors. They said that the chances of recurring cancer may increase if I did not have chemo and that was usually the normal way to do it after having the operation.I was in a panic. Yet I have seen people do the chemo and then the cancer comes back. I was so confused. “
In August of 2010 P was introduced to the Paw Paw program through her husband who was visiting Canada and P immediately read the Donna Roth book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury . “ The book is beautiful. All the testimonials gave me a lot of hope. It’s explained so well and it ‘s easy for me to read even though English is my second language. “ P got to work and ordered her herbs . First she did the Candida Saliva test. The saliva was cloudy , stringy and heavy and it dropped to the bottom of the glass . Donna Roth was right . There were major signs of Candida . Donna taught that Candida produces xenoestrogens that feed cancer. P started her program by stopping to eat sugar , bread , beans and rice. This was so very difficult for P as bread was her very favourite and everyone in France eats bread. Then she added the super foods , Aloe Vera juice 2 oz a day, Chlorophyll 2 oz a day, then minerals , Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day and then the herb Paw Paw 10 capsules a day along with Protease Plus enzymes on an empty stomach . “ I felt good. I had a lot of energy. But sometimes I felt depressed because I could not have bread.” P discovered the Flax Seed Bread recipe as outlined in Mud Pies and decided to make it. She found it to be quite pleasant and it was a great treat when she would add Xylitol and raisins to it to make a type of Raisin bread. Once in a while P would also have a piece of low sugar chocolate which would help her with her sweet tooth. Now this was not always an easy task for P as she was faced with friends who would laugh at her and doctors who were over bearing to her decisions. However P continued with her protocol of eating the right foods and following the Paw Paw program. Just recently on Oct 10/2011 P had an MRI medical test completed which showed that P was in good health and that there was no evidence of cancer in the breast. She has also undergone a number of tumour marker tests and the results show as follows:
1st one April 28 , result was 19 ( normal up to 25 in numbers)
2nd one May 18 ,result was 27 During Chemo treatments
3rd one June 22 result was 26 During Chemo treatments
4th one July 13 result was 25 After last Chemo treatment
5th one October 9 result was 18 After the Paw Paw program
“ I believe in the Paw Paw program so much. It is natural and it is not a chemical. They don’t know that I am taking the Paw Paw program because if I tell them they will laugh at me . Donna is a great person. “