Saturday, December 24, 2011

No Prescription for 12 Years

47. No Prescription for 12 Years
Graham , in his 30’s is very proud to report that he has not touched a prescription for the last 12 years. So when asked what he does to stay well he replied that he take the following Nature’s Sunshien supplements :
Mineral Chi Tonic
Chlorophyll with lots of water
Super Vitamins and Minerals
Vit C 500 mg tablet
Super Omega 3
“I make sure my bowels are moving every day . I drink lots of water and take my supplements every day. I also keep Colostrum and Cat’s Claw in the house for those days that I might feel a bit of a sore throat or flu or just feel weird. This is my foundation. Once a year I do a cleanse. “
Graham is a piano performer and every time he has to go on stage he takes some Stress Formula. “ I am in control and my hands never get cold.” In the morning before Graham starts the day he makes a Shake with Mineral Chi Tonic, NutriBurn, berries, organic yogurt and almond butter. “That gets me through until 2:30 pm .” My congratulations to Graham for the pride he has in sustaining his health. This is something that is so rare today.