Saturday, December 24, 2011


44. Constipation
One elderly gentleman spent some time in the hospital with back surgery. Following the surgery his bowels just did not move. Even after taking the prescribed prune juice and fiber and 5 different concoctions nothing worked. He was desperate and reluctantly he decided to give LBS11 a try. The first day of taking about 8 LBS11 he was on that “John” moving. However he wasn’t really convinced that it was the LBS11 that made the difference. He was quite doctor oriented and really believed they had all the answers. Now when he got home from the hospital the problem started again and here he was constipated again. He waited 3 days for those bowels to move thinkingf that they would eventually move. But that didn’t happen. So he took LBS11 and it worked that day. Now he is quite certain it is the LBS11 that does the job and takes it every day and “no more constipation problems.” Then he also discovered that when his back bothers him he takes KB-C 2/3 times a day and the back pain goes away.