Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silver Guard Saved a Life

56. Silver Guard Saved a Life
One lady was very , very sick in the hospital . She had been diagnosed with stomach cnacer and the chemotherapy did not seem to make any difference. Her son was very concerned as he knew that his Mom was dying . In desperation he searched “cancer” on the internet and found the company Nature’s Sunshine to be selling Paw Paw. He was then directed to G . G stated that he had studied Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury and that his Mom should immediately start with Silver Guard 4 ounces four times a day. The son also contacted Donna Roth for a consultation . It was confirmed that Silver Guard should be followed as directed. The rest of the Paw Paw program was explained . The son proceeded with Silver Guard for his Mom as she could hardly swallow and her belly was bloated and she not able to eat. Day 1 the Mom took 4 ounces four times a day. Day 2 she took silver Guard 2 ounces a day . On the third day the bowels let loose and all kinds of toxins were eliminated. The Mom is now being sent home from the hospital to pursue the rest of the Paw Paw program to clear up the cancer. This is a miracle !