Saturday, December 24, 2011

Herbal Success Stories #55 - 63

55. Prostate Cancer
Al at 86 years old was diagnosed with prostate cancer . He knew it was cancer as he had terrible back aches and there were 2 big lumps on his back and rib area. His PSA test was at 440 and the doctor recommended a hormone shot which Al agreed to. That brought the PSA count down somewhat. His friend , Rod , watched Al suffer,” Should I tell him about the Paw Paw program ? What would Al think of me ? I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable about my telling him.’ Al was in a lot of discomfort with aches, pains and hurting in the kidney area. Rod decided that he wanted to save this man’s life and proceeded to tell him all about the Paw Paw program and how his last friend , Garry, was cancer free for 7 years now because of the Paw Paw program.. In July 2011 Al started the Paw Paw program with eliminating grains, sugar, legumes and taking high dense Super Foods , Chlorophyll , Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans, Paw Paw and Protease Plus enzymes. In August of 2011 Al went back for more PSA tests and the PSA this time was 20. Al felt that something was happening here and he continued to pursue this program. In November 20112 Al had another PSA test and this time it read at 7. The tumours in his back and rib area had disappeared and the pain and discomfort was gone. The doctor said that his cancer was in remission.

56. Silver Guard Saved a Life
One lady was very , very sick in the hospital . She had been diagnosed with stomach cnacer and the chemotherapy did not seem to make any difference. Her son was very concerned as he knew that his Mom was dying . In desperation he searched “cancer” on the internet and found the company Nature’s Sunshine to be selling Paw Paw. He was then directed to G . G stated that he had studied Donna Roth’s book, Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury and that his Mom should immediately start with Silver Guard 4 ounces four times a day. The son also contacted Donna Roth for a consultation . It was confirmed that Silver Guard should be followed as directed. The rest of the Paw Paw program was explained . The son proceeded with Silver Guard for his Mom as she could hardly swallow and her belly was bloated and she not able to eat. Day 1 the Mom took 4 ounces four times a day. Day 2 she took silver Guard 2 ounces a day . On the third day the bowels let loose and all kinds of toxins were eliminated. The Mom is now being sent home from the hospital to pursue the rest of the Paw Paw program to clear up the cancer. This is a miracle !

57 Menstrual Bleeding
In Nov of 2011 AG underwent a dangerous episode of menstrual bleeding to the point that hospitalization was required and 3 liters of blood was transfused. At this time AG had an ultrasound and a cyst on left ovary with a thickening of the cervix was discovered. There was also very tight and protruding tendon under her left arm with a large lump. “I felt very weak after this episode even though I am very fit.” I called Donna Roth for some advise.
“I , immediately started on the Paw Paw program and within 4 days my energy was totally back and I feel great. I am also on a very strict diet. I am working with acupuncture and chiropractic as well. I have noticed the lump under my arm so far reducing. My bowel is working better. My back pain is still there, and am taking a pain medication every to settle the pain down.”

58. Skin Cancer
On March 2011 H was diagnosed with a precancerous skin condition. The doctor prescribed a cream which H used for a short time. “ The cream burned and it has side effects.” In march H started the Paw Paw program . She stopped eating sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and she took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Flax Lignans, Paw Paw and Protease Plus enzymes. H also applied Silver Gel to the affected area on her face several times a day. In May 2011 the doctor examined the cancerous skin area of her face and reported that the skin had all cleared up.

One lady had a discomfort in her stomach area . Upon examination of the doctor through a colonoscopy it was detected that there was a bleeding ulcers. A medication was prescribed but the side effects of the drug did not make this lady feel good. She decided to call Donna Roth for education and ULC-R was recommended. ULC-R is a combination of herbals specifically designed by Dr. Keller to destroy H pylori bacteria which causes ulcers of the stomach lining . ULC-R is also known to clear up migraine headaches. This lady took ULC-R , 2 capsules twice a day with lots of water and Chlorophyll and 2 capsules at bedtime. She also took Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic which is essential for repair of all tissues and Cat’s Claw combination to help the lymphatic system . Within 3 weeks the ulcers were completely healed and all symptoms disappeared.

60. Irregular , Rapid Heart Beat
One lady would feel awful when she woul lay down to sleep as the heart would start to beat rapidly and the pounding feeling kept her from falling asleep. She would have to prop her body in a seating position on order to get any rest. This was very worrisome as she thought that she might have a heart attack. Upon a visit with Donna Roth she started taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, MC 2 tablets twice a day and CoQ10 enzyme 6 capsules a day. Within 2 days all symptoms of rapid heart beat and pounding heart subsided and she is getting a good night’s rest. She has not experienced any symptoms since.

61. Surgical Incision
C underwent a surgical procedure to have a biopsy of a pancreatic tumour to determine weather it could be removed. It was determined that the tumour could not be removed and she ended up with a wound that was red , swollen , inflamed and painful. This wound was not healing very well and there was an irritating discomfort .She learned that perhaps applying Silver Gel to the affected area would help to heal it. And this she did morning and night . Within 3 days there was a significant reduction in the swelling and the redness. This area was no longer painful and irritating and C is delighted at the quick results. Presently C is pursuing the Paw Paw program to heal the cancer.

62. Bleeding gums
M always had an infection in her gums particularly where there was an implant. The gums would be sore and bleed often . She began the Paw Paw program for another problem which was vaginal bleeding as she suspected that there may be cancer present in that area. She eliminated all sugar, grains, legumes, dairy. She ate the correct foods and took, Paw Paw , Protease Plus , Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Red Raspberry, Wild Yam/Chaste , Zambroza and Noni. She also took Silver Shield in small doses , holing it in her mouth for 6 minutes before swallowing. Within a month the vaginal bleeding stopped and the gums healed up. “My gums have never been so healthy. I am so excited about this program. I want to share it with everyone.”

63. Flu Symptoms
M was feeling like a cold was coming on. On Sunday she took Cat’s Claw 4 capsules every 2 hours, drank a lot of water and Chlorophyll. “ I had read the story about the lady who ended up with blood poisoning after being bitten by a dog and how she cleared it up with lots of Silver and taking Cat’s Claw 15 capsules a day so I thought I would do the same.”There was also an itchy irritable discomfort in the ear as if an ear infection was coming on. Silver Shield was applied into the ear canal often during the day. Her room was steamed with vaporized Silver so that she was breathing in the Silver Shield. By Tuesday all symptoms of flu, cold, infection was cleared up.