Thursday, July 3, 2008


Menopause –

One woman experiencing tightness in the chest, anxiety and heart palpitations took 4 Siberian Ginseng in the morning and the tightness eased up within ½ hr. Then she took 4 in the afternoon. Now everyday when she feels anxiety she takes another 4 Siberian Ginseng and feels it calms the anxiety. It was from listening to Steven Horne that she got this valuable information. Before puberty adrenals produce hormones. During puberty and adulthood the reproductive system produces the hormones. In menopause and post menopause it reverts back to the adrenals. Siberian Ginseng supports the adrenals and so does Adrenal Support. SynerProtein powder stabilizes the adrenals and provides the liver with a reserve of glycogen