Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sheena’s Sarcoma Story

At age 22 diagnosed with sarcoma in the leg ,the
same cancer as Terry Fox.
Sheena underwent surgery on the leg.
She had 36 radiation treatments
Then every year thereafter she had MRI scans for 5 years.

April 1997
Scan detects spots on the lungs
Chemotherapy is recommended.
Sheena is given 3 months to live.
In despair Sheena chooses alternatives.

May 1998
Read Donna Roth's Newsletter, Saw Donna Roth
Changed the diet – no sugar, no junk food, no wheat products
Parasite cleanse with Black Walnut
Cat’s Claw for anti fungal purposes. Paw Paw was not available at this time.
Cascara Sagrada for the bowels
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

August 1998
Sheena knew her cancer was gone by intuition. She had learned to listen to her body.

Sheena is alive and well and continues to have good health. She continues to listen to her body, to nourish her body faithfully and to take Nature Sunshine supplements according to the needs of her body.